I needs help very indecisive shopper!!!

Aye, i am looking for a graphics card but i just cant decide what to get, i am not looking to run every game at max settings, i am just looking to run all new games and reasonable FPS, but alas i just cant decide on what i should get, i guess i am looking for something relatively affordable but i dont want it to be something that will need to be upgraded imeadiatly, so any help would help, i am curently looking at the Radeon 3870 OC i found one for 129.99, but am open for options any options and any prices!!


32 bit vista, no my mobo does not support multipul graphics cards, and its a 2.0 ghz dual core, with currently 2 gigs of ram installed but with plans to upgrade to 4 gigs very very soon. and this is not for one game i just want a generally good gaming rig, i am not looking for supercomputer graphics just for playable graphics in most to all new games. and in addition i had already read most of the Best card for money things, thats how i found this site :)
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  1. Why not wait 2 more week? Prices may drop and you may have more options and then you can play stuffs at max settings.
  2. so new cards drop in 2 weeks and this should cause a price drop in the older cards? but still which ones should i go for i am a super indecisive shopper lol, when it comes to hundreds of dollars so i would still like suggestions.
  3. If you can afford $200 I'd say the the 8800GTS. Best price performance ratio here.
    Btw, you can visit this page, will help you a lot i assure you.

    129.99 for a 3870 is actually a good deal
  4. this question is supper complex! i mean really its so complex - i build gaiming systems

    1) does your mobo allow more then 1 card and which one - u may want to add?

    2) do u play only 1 game? what games is this for?

    3) will your cpu bottle neck the card?

    4) are you running 32 bit or 64 bit? how much memory do you have?

    remember 32 bit allows 3.5ghz of memory

    in most cases you want a 512mb card, you want the mid/top card - the 8800gts or 3870 is the sweet spot today

    i think if you repost with a more narrow question you get your answer! GL!
  5. Yep, post details about your PC. Don't forget the power supply!(who knows some people still have 300W LOL)
  6. Ok made edits to the post!! thanks sorry for not having info
  7. Ok, be more specific
    AMD Athlon X2 5200+
    MSI K9A2
    2 Gigs Corsair XMS2
    etc etc etc
  8. aye i may have to repost cause i am not around that computer ((on laptop atm)) at the moment so i dont have exact specs and manufactures, so ill post some more once i get home!! but any generally good choices would be great if it can be provided with the info provided ((the computer is a stock HP i obtained for free from some of my rich friends its fairly new))
  9. cool.
  10. 8800GT 512MB, u probably wont need to upgrade power supply and its real fast.
  11. Wait 2 weeks. Both nVidia and ATI will be releasing there new cards on June 17th & 18th respectively.

    nVidia will be the G260, but at costs around $650.

    ATI will be bringing out the 4870, probaly around $300 to 400.

    So yhen the other cards on the market should decrease 10 to 15% in costs.
  12. On second thought, now is a good time to play the waiting game. The new technology is just around the corner. Not only will you have a choice of new, faster, better tech., the prices of old tech may go down and you'll strike a great deal. You should tell us what games you want to play and your expectations of a graphics card.
  13. Well i am looking to be able to play age of conan, and would love to get wow at some great settings, and i am looking foward to starcraft 2, but i am open minded to games and want to be able to play most new games, but yes i agree the waiting game is best here, i think i can wait for new tech :)
  14. It would also make a difference in the recommendations if you would post the resolution that you propose to be playing at. 1280x1024 has a lot lower demands on a card than does 1920x1200.
  15. more than likely 1280x1024 will be satisfactory resolution
  16. Hey what's your budget you never tell us!
  17. my budget is flexable, but i am not looking to own the top of the line card, just something that is a good all around card that will allow me to play the games i specified, but budget is flexable
  18. Tell me 2 stuffs.
    1. your budget.
    2. your PSU specs.
  19. ^+1. PSU is very important.
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