new rig upgrade paths(your thoughts are valuable)

ok so this is what I have now.

Athlon x2 3800 oc by 20%
2 gigs ram
gf 7800 gtx
raid 0 oldschool raptors

My choices now are some sort of quad intel (q or qx). I am thinking sli (possibly 2x 8800 gt) so nforce board (790i), unless the new stuff in mid june is good enough for me to warrant an x48 and whatever dual card is out. I like the 790i but reading for a few weeks on the webternet leads me a bit hesitant due to the data corruption and weird stability issues people are having.

Now to make it interesting, Q4 intel busts out nehalem which looks to be another monster. Do you think I should hold off a bit more and wait for that since it will need a new socket ( making all current super mobos now useless for future upgrades) and by then ddr3 will be cheaper(was planning 4 gigs since I don't think 64 bit OS isn't that widely accepted,,, unfortunately). Also the new graphics cards will be a bit cheaper and have better drivers.

What do you think?
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  1. No no no, drop the sli idea. Cuz you can get the 9800GX2 which boost EVERY game and is faster than anything else in SLI. SLI doesn't speed up every game. That's the most overlooked thing.

    Oh, yeah 790i corrupts sata raids when overclocked. At stock, it's fine. That's the nvidia's "solution". *cough* I can't wait for the ceo to trash talk some more when he has his shares of problems. LOL.

    No no no no, Nehalem will be let down to budget overclockers cuz Intel is trying to force overclockers to buy the premium boards for overclocking. The mainstream/budget boards will be locked. Read any reports. There's no easy workaround. I'm either getting x38 or p45, whichever overclocks better for about the same price.

    I think the P45 will be an eyesore to Intel cuz people would be buying the best last s775 chipset left & right. It'll be around for a long while.

    Scrap the sli idea and we'll talk.
  2. You make a good point on the sli part. I also don't like having my second display not work when sli is on. And there is that whole quickpath issue.

    I understand what you mean about nehalem but I am not in the budget overclocker demographic. It will be interesting how ocing will be like with the new stuff. My question lies with performance. Will the hehalem be significantly faster than its 775 counterpart? I guess to compare it would be the 9770 york vs 9770 neh. I know both are ridiculously pricey but if someone was to buy one which one would it be. Keep in mind that ddr3 and new graphics card prices will be lower the longer you wait.

    On side note, I would not get the 9800gx2 since its basically an 8800 rehashed for the 15th time. Probably would be better to wait for what amd and nvidia will have out in about a month.
    maybe I can just lower my case temp to absolute 0 and oc it by a factor of 1000. lol any1 have a mr fusion around, I'll need a better psu.
  3. If money is no object and your objective is get the highest overclocker, nividia chipset is a rare choice. Most every extreme overclocker prefers Intel chipsets for their overclockabilities. Get X48, QX9770, TEC, etc. It'll go over $3000 easily.

    The majority of overclockers are more or less in the budget/mainstream category. Not everyone is Bill Gate. Or Mr. Google. Or Mr. Yang. They don't just look at the numbers. They want the best bang for the buck. Intel doesn't even let you o/c mainstream Nehalem. If AMD is smart enough, they won't miss the ball in their court. Their next platform is AM3. If there's something AM3 that can do over 1-2Ghz o/c, Intel overclockers may be jumping ship.

    Yup, Nehalem will be faster. Much faster. But the question is at what cost. You can pick up a QX9770 which beats out anything when overclocked. But at what cost?

    If you're on the fence about this gen & next gen chipsets, you might want to wait til June when the gpu war heats up & p45 is rolled out.
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