Whats the difference between P5E3 and P5E3 Deluxe?

Looking for some help with a new build, which i've been working on for some time and im having to change again!
Looking for CF so X38 or X48.
At first it was going to be DDR2, but with the price of DDR3 coming down so much i've started to get tempted.
So, for the same money I could get a Rampage formula with 4GB of DDR2 or a P5E3 with 4 GB DDR3.
Here's the thing, The P5E3 listed on dabs is €40 cheaper than the P5E3 Deluxe. The only difference listed in the specs is that the Deluxe has 2 X LAN and ASUS AI audio2.0 (both of which I can live without)
As usual, ASUS website has no information on a standard P5E3.
So, 2 questions.
Has anybody got a P5E3 (not a deluxe) that can confirm there's no other differences?
Would I be better with DDR2 and X48 (Rampage Formula)?
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  1. What CPU are you going with?
  2. Hey drywin,
  3. I was looking on newegg and other than what you pointed out I couldnt see anything else. They should perform the same. Maybe one as more SATA ports? Thats how gigabyte does thiers, with a few other very minor things
  4. Looks like a P5E3 then with DDR3, i'll only be using 3-4 SATA ports anyway.
  5. As far as DDR2 vs DDR3 goes, get good DDR2 and spend the saved money on a better video card. Cheap DDR3 wont really perform any better than good DDR2.
  6. + Who knows if that board will support the faster DDR3 down the road, and once DDR3 gets good AND cheap, you would get a new board and a CPU anyway ;)
  7. The DDR3 i was looking ay was Corsair XMS3 DHX, 9-9-9-24 at 1333MHz. Would you say that wouldn't peform better than Cosair DDR2 at 1066?
  8. The DDR2 runs at much tighter timings. The reason I bring it up, is that you were looking at cost on the MoBo's, so I assumed you didnt have unlimited cash to toss at the system.

    Going with DDR3 wont really make the Computer last any longer, as far as gaming goes. It will perform pretty much the same on a system with the same CPU and GPU.

    People say, "you can upgrade later" but again, who knows if the older board will support the faster DDR3 and be stable, and your buying ram...again.

    If you are trying to get the most for your money, get more HD space, or a faster GPU, or even a 2nd GPU.

    Bottem Line, you wont see a real boost when gaming, or anything for that matter, you more than likly wont upgrade your ram, and both computers would pretty much be replaced at the same time. It wouldnt even get you ~3fps, if anything.
  9. Thanks for you help Drywin,
    Do you think I should look for a diiferent DDR2 X38/X48 Mobo other than the Rampage then?
    Only reason I ask is that the P5E3 and the DDR3 costs the same as The Rampage and the DDR2?
    Your dead right about unlimited cash!
  10. I really dont know alot about ASUS naming, but I think Rampage just has alot more options for OCing a few minor extras

    Id pick this up


    Cheap, will OC if ya need, has everything you could want.
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