After installing new video card I can't hear anything

After installing my new video card I can't hear anything
HIS ATI radeon 2600XT 512mb pci-e
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  1. Most new cards, especially ati, have built in high def sound for monitors with speakers. If you are not using that feature(high def speakers), go into system - devices and find the high def drivers that was installed with the video card and disable it. Make sure you select disable, if you uninstall it, it will try to reinstall at next start up.
  2. Go into device manage and disable the audio part of your video card. It should be under sound devices, unless you are using the hdmi out.
  3. I'm not sure if your video card has the HDMI processor or not, but it looks like it does. You should go into your windows control panel under sound and audio devices, and set your default audio back to what it was before you installed the card (there should only be two options, the video card, and something else). Then a reboot might be necessary, but it should work after that. Hope this helps!
  4. no when i go to control panel my integrated sound card isn't under the audio options :(
  5. What motherboard are you using?
  6. asus A8AE-LE
  7. Try an install the audio driver (update) from and then go back to your control panel to see if the sound card appears. I have a feeling that the AC'97 software isn't installed on your machine.

    If that doesn't do it for you, try uninstalling the video card with the ATI uninstall utility in add/remove programs and then see if the integrated audio appears in control panel. If it doesn't, you know that something else is going on. If it does come back, I'm not sure where you can go from there :(
  8. already installed the update and it doesn't appear, lucky i had an external sound card lying around :)
  9. Sounds like you are good to go then with your external card. I would just stick with that. "Good to hear" lol
  10. I know this is old but I cant find the answer I am looking for on this motherboard. I got a new case and cannot find where on this mother board the sound comes from! I just want to hook up an internal speaker but no idea where to put the speaker wires on the board.

    Any one know? Its an ASUS board made proprietariliy for HP so no real manual exist.

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