Recommend Mobo for Narrowed Down CF Setup

I purchased:
HD 4850 CF
2x 2gb ddr2 1066
and am getting the Intel QX6850

I narrowed down motherboard options to either the Abit IX38 or the Asus P5E Deluxe. I try to stick to either of the two names only. Which would you guys recommend? Is there another board to consider?

Side Question: Only reason i'm going with the QX6850 is because I can get it for $250 through connections. Does that sound like a deal worth taking over the 6600 for 200?
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  1. Out of those two I would most likely go with the abit.

    In my opinion the GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 is better than both and about the same price. ""
  2. Go for the newer P45 chipset. In most cases it OCs MUCH better than X38. If possible also consider X48.

    For a CrossFire also look in to the P45-DS3R. For the two boards listed go with the ASUS. QX6850 for $250 s worth it imo.

    Also just a note, you MAY run in to problem with the DDR2 1066 RAM, those RAM seem to have some compatibility issues.
  3. From what I've read the x38/x48 chipsets are the way to go for crossfire, which is why I singled them out. I'll do a bit more reading on the p45's.

    Good call on the ram, I researched and found what i need to adjust in the bios to get the ram to behave.
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