Where can i get a recovery disk for emachine free

Hi, Looking for a recovery disk for my EMachine, ET 1161-05. Power loss during Hurrican Sandy caused it to go out and now we don't have a recovery disk to restore the computer. Thanks.
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  1. Contact the manufacturer. However, don't expect to get a recovery set for free.
  2. Does the system turn on ?? Did you create the set of restore disks as it instructs in your user guide (page 46) ? Does the HDD still have the recovery partition software installed or have you deleted that partition for some reason ? What does the system do when you turn it on ?? -- Could be the HDD was damaged due to the power loss and there may be other hardware issues as well and not just software problems.

    If the system still turns on and you do not mind losing all info on the system and you have not deleted the recovery partition and it was not damaged (since it is on the same HDD it may be damaged as well - which is why they tell you to make a set of restore disks as soon as possible in the manual !) -- you can enter the recovery management options menu by pressing ALT - F10 during power up. (NOTE : this will restore the HDD to factory condition and you will lose anything that is not backed up so you may want to move the HDD to another system first and make a copy of any files that you do not have a backup copy of before proceeding !! )
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