New Build and temps worry me.....

I just built me a new gaming system ..

GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2.0
E8500 3.16 ghz - OC to 3.79ghz (399x9.5)
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 2GB Kit
Samsung 750gb SATA
GIGABYTE 8800 GT 512MB (already had this card from another build)
CORSAIR 650TX - 650W Power Supply
1 - PCI-exaust fan.. 80mm

I also used a case I had already..
RaidMax ULTRA series.. Front 120m intake fan, 2x80mm exhaust
I also just have an 80mm fan resting on top of my 8800GT, but have it facing the northbridge.It seems to help quite a bit with temps..
Even with all those lovely whirley birds turning, the only noise I hear is the 8800's fan.. -lol-

Anyhow Here is a pic with PCwizard, SpeedFan, CPU-z. the only process I have runnning was winamp. I'm listening to chronic radio..

Now when I'm gaming I noticed my gpu shoots up to 70c range... I've even noticed it at 85c while I was playing Crysis for awhile..
My cpu shoots to anywhere from 55-59c.. I was hoping for better than this, with the Zalman hsf.....

Any suggestions on a cooler for my paticular 8800GT card?

I know the 8800gt run hot, especially the single slot ones, like I have, but I never realized it hit 85c... Should I be worried? I ran this card in a sli setup for about a month, but I couldn't take the heat the 2 cards produced. My game room is only 10x10, and heats up quick while I game on the PC.. thank the gods for the invention of air conditioning...

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  1. 1-after market cooler.

    2-use rivatuner and just adjust the fan speed to higher.

    3- Update the video BIOS with one that will change the fan speed based on temp

    Since I've tried to increase it to 100% by using RivaTuner and replaced it with TT DuOrb and works just GREAT, reducing my idle temp from 59C to 43C and full load from 75C to 53C.

    Another good cooler is Artic Cooling Accelero S2.
  2. GPU temperatures: I also have heard nVidia GPUs can run pretty hot. I suggest you google something like "nvidia gpu temperatures" for an idea of what others are seeing. I have a 640 MB eVGA 8800GTS (G80) but I have not yet pushed it really hard so I have no personal experience with high GPU temps.

    CPU temps do not sound out of line. And the Zalmans, by today's standards, are a medium quality HSF. There are better ones out the for less money.

    Google "xigmatek" (I think that's spelled correctly) for a very good, relatively expensive CPU HSF.

    I have a Q6600 OC'd to 3.6 GHz with a ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme in an Antec 900 case with fans set to Low. With all four cores running Prime95, CPU core temps hit 65 C.
  3. Not sure I understand perfectly. Anyway, here it is:

    Top 5 heatsinks for CPU:
  4. Thanks for the heads up on Rivatuner.. I totally forgot about that piece of software... I raised my fan speed to 60% and my temps drop to 45 idle, and when I played crysis, I never saw the temps rise above 75c. I played for about 45 minutes in Crysis.. I would have played longer, but i got bored.. -lol- But many thanks for the riva tuner mention.. I'm still thinking of an aftermarket hsf for the 8800gt, but I am not sure which would be the easiest to install and will work best with my particular card...

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