MSI 8800GT or 8800GTS?

I am debating on whether to to get the the MSI 8800GT 512

or the MSI 8800GTS 512(G92)

The 8800GT is $30 cheaper, but was wondering if you guys think the 8800GTS is significantly better than the 8800GT and worth the extra $30.

And no I will not wait for the new cards and can't afford them. Thanks for help.
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  1. I did the same mental battle a few days ago. Ultimately decided on the 8800GTS (G92). It rocks :) To many times I've short changed myself by a couple dollars and find that I end up having to upgrade the video card earlier than I could have.
  2. Get the 8800GTS, you might grumble for a day or 2 over the extra $30, but you won't be grumbling for the next weeks/months/year about the extra performance.
  3. GTS has like 20 percent more performance, and it really shows in high resolutions, so the GTS yeah.
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