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Is windows xp black edition the same thing as windows xp pirated edition?

Windows XP: The Rewrite
Screenshot of Windows XP Pirate Edition
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Maddox and Captain Jack Sparrow decided to disassemble Windows XP, every file, into assembly language. They found all the crap in it and removed it, so the bloat was gone. Basically a lot of nops (No Operations), useless loops, waits, NSA backdoors, Spyware, Adware, activation requests, key loggers, password stealers, code that made no sense but did not contribute anything useful to the operation of Windows. It took one year, but XP is now 1/3rd the size it used to be, can fit in 256M of hard drive space, runs fast on a 100Mhz Pentium or 586 chip, and only needs 50M of RAM to run. It runs ten times faster now. Crap like Internet Explorer was replaced with Firefox, Media Player was replaced with XINE, Outlook Express was replaced with Thunderbird. All of the security exploits are fixed now. See the security section of this document for more info.

Is Windows XP Black rewritten for better performance, like the above, or iis a stock XP with more apps added on?
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    Is windows xp black edition the same thing as windows xp pirated edition?

    Yes. You will get no help here for that unauthorized "version."
  2. The help I sought is the answer you gave.

    Thank you.
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