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Dear Forum Experts, please help noobie overclock

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Last response: in Overclocking
March 7, 2009 9:17:57 PM

I've read so many overclocking guides but I can't seem to find many of the bios settings that were recommended in my Gigabyte EP45-UD3R. This is supposed to be a board that is easy to overclock, yet i do not feel comfortable to start the OC process without the right bios settings.

My components:
processor: E5200
mobo: gigabyte ep45-ud3r
ram: patriot extreme performance ddr2-800 2x2GB

does anyone have this chip and can share with me what bios settings to use. Also, should i be adjusting the multi down from 12.5? ive read that some people have sucess with that. If not, is all i need to do is play with the FSB?

1 more... how do i determine how high to set my voltages?

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March 8, 2009 4:26:00 AM

If its like other Gigabyte boards....

When you enter the bios hold control then press F1(so both keys are held together), the screen should "flash". Now all(well, most of) the good stuff should be under MIT(Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker).

Only increase voltage if its needed for stability.

Have fun.
March 8, 2009 4:40:18 AM

wow lol, i just got a e5200 tonight and the same ram but i have the p35 gigabyte board, but the first time i tried to overclock my e2160 it took me awhile to figure it out, so start off low and work your way up.
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March 8, 2009 2:51:49 PM

The P45-UD3R does not need [CTRL + F1] to get to all of the settings they are all there by default. Even the latest BIOS for the P35-DQ6, and I suspect the others, doesn't require it.

I can give you some assistance with your specific settings, but first you need to run Prime95 small FFTs torture test and monitor temps with Core Temp.

Run Prime95 for at least 15 minutes and post your temps.

March 8, 2009 8:07:09 PM

I messed around with it for a long time last night.

I slowly raised fsb by 10 every time a ran prime for 15 min. i also raised cpu vcore to 1.30 (from 1.15 default). i was stable (for 15 min) even at 3.875 Ghz (310x21.5) by messing with other settings. (such as pll and termination and other weird ones) after i tried to get up to 4ghz, i failed p95, so figured that i was done there.
so then i tried going back down but i couldnt post
so i pressed the default settings key, so now i am back at square one....

My temps at stock idle: 28/39 (core1/core2)
during prime95: 37/39

i remember that i got up to low 50's at around 3.875. Should i be messing around with mch, pll, vtt, or any of those? i know the sticky at the top of the forum said to try to decrease these as much as possible, but i dont think i can get that high of a clock with out tweaking the other voltages. i think im approaching this overclocking thing all wrong. Should i be trying to max FSB first? then upping each voltage? or fixing the voltages to a certain number (like vcore=1.35), then trying to up fsb as much as possible?

sorry for the block of text... thanks guys
March 8, 2009 8:17:41 PM

Well you shouldn't be trying for the uberclock by changing voltage settings when you don't have any idea what you are doing or you will potentially damage the CPU or the northbridge.

If you were able to get 3.8G then I think you are good to go. Watch your temps at that frequency.
March 8, 2009 11:59:39 PM

well i only get 3.8 by messing with other stuff.

i realized that sometimes i cant post at a certain fsb, but when i adjust the memory ratio to a slight overclock (810) instead of an underclock of like 747. i know i should be getting it as close as 800 as possible (since i have ddr2-800) so is it better to be a little higher, or a lot lower?
March 9, 2009 1:32:18 AM

It doesn't really make that much difference in real world apps.
March 9, 2009 3:32:10 AM

thanks for all your help zorg.

im back up at 3.875 stable in p95 for 20 min. im planning on running the test for 24 hrs soon but for now, i think 20 min should be fine.

however, once i turn back on EIST and C1E (i had them disabled during my overclocking), the p95 tests fail within 7 min both times. i know these are power saving options, so should i be enabling them and just not test for 24 hrs? or just leave them off, so my system will be "stable" according to p95.
March 9, 2009 12:03:01 PM

Well if they cause your system to crash then leave them disabled. Also if you are going to test for stability then enable roundoff checking in Prime95 under advanced. Also don't forget to run blend to test the NB and RAM. Watch the NB voltage. If you have the other voltages set to auto, then I would try "Normal". They won't rise as much, but this may cause instability at your frequency.

What are your load temps with core temp?