High reliability components.. Server Grade? Anyone have experience?

I've had a PC for the past 4 years that was built using low quality parts, and it's been a real pain.. hard drive failed, have had multiple failures in the MOBO which is now almost dead, Video Card failed, had a bad RAM chip..

If I add up all the time that I spent diagnosing and fixing/replacing parts, I could have instead worked that amount of time and just bought a new system.

I need a new system, but I don't want to have hardware failures like I had with my previous system. What would you recommend?

Are there high quality components that can be expected to last more than 4 years? If so what brands/models? If not, has anyone experimented with server grade parts, or some other parts of quality higher than consumer grade? If so, how long do these tend to last, and how much more do they tend to cost percentage wise?

What about the option of getting a Mac? Does the hardware in Macs, in your experience, last longer than high quality PC hardware?

Thank you
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  1. Most basic desktop components are much better quality nowadays...even the budget stuff, I still avoid VIA. If you overclock, then nvidia chipsets can have data corruption issues, if not they are fine. There was also a bios fix for the particular issue, and it is reported to be under control for the most part.
  2. Oh, and as far as qualification of server grade parts...they are qualified to work as specified and with fewer compatibility problems, but that has nothing to do with their lifespan and afaik, server components are not measured for failures against desktop parts.
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