I can't get my Q6600 G0 stable @3.4ghz !!

I could really use some help from some experts as I've tried several other forums but could get help on my issue...

Here is my setup: Q6600 G0, Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme cpu cooler, Cruial 800mhz 2x1gb on a gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboard. (not including my HDD and GPU since they dont matter)

my current OC is 9x356 @1.376vcore with my ram downclocked to 712mhz to make it 1:1 ratio. why downclocked it ? coz one of the core (random core) would fail prime95 within 2 minutes if I dont downclock it. Per research, my memory is capable of 2.5v (2.2v default) and 1000+mhz on it...

so I tried pushing it to 3.4ghz last night with 8x multiplier and 9x multiplier. one of the cores fails within 1 minute in prime95. I tried increasing the vcore all the way up to 1.489v as well as the memory to 2.3v and NB +.1. none of them helped what so ever. one of the cores still fails within 1 minute in prime95....

here comes my question:

1: Why could be done to help in this issue ?

2: do you think replacing the rams with some Gskills would help?

3: replacing the mobo perhaps ? (in this case, which mobo ? prefer under $150)

4: besides swapping parts, is there any other particular way that you want me to try in order to get it stable @ 3.4ghz ?

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  1. Your ram should be fine since you don't have the fsb at 400. Could you list your VID. Under coretemp or realtemp you can see the VID of the processor. That will roughly tell us how to help you and how much volts you probably need.
  2. VID = 1.325v per coretemp.
  3. Well, you can push the voltage higher. As long as the temperature is good, you can go as high as 1.55V and not worry. However, the DS3L is not a good board for high overclocks on quad cores. The voltage regulation modules are just ok, could be better. Plus, it only has a 4 pin plug, not 8pin on the motherboard. So for high oveclocks on a quad core, it has troulbe supplying the needed power.

    Your best bet is to get a better motherboard if you want a higher overclock on your Q6600.
  4. Maybe it's just a bum core. Bad luck, those things happen. You could try higher vcore. Or enable loadline calibration to decrease vdroop, thus making the most of existing vcore.
  5. My guess is that you have a less than stellar Q6600.
    I would be happy with my current clock.

    I suspect the Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz will more than handle what it needs to handle. The rest is benchmark stuff.
  6. The chip probably eats volts like crazy, as some do especially with a high VID.
  7. what's the MAX vcore can a q6600 G0 with VID 1.325v specified by intel ?
  8. No its 1.5v. 1.325v is normally the stock voltage for a Q6600.
  9. According to Intel, your CPU is warranted to work at 0.85V - 1.5V with no overclocking. With this in mind, I would say that you can get at least 1.55V into your CPU as long as you have sufficient cooling.

    What are your idle and load temps when you are overclocking?
  10. Your mobo won't handle a high quad overclock. It is a budget board. On the other hand, it is a pretty good dual core overclocker.
  11. You would know huh? 38 years of age..
  12. pcgamer12 said:
    You would know huh? 38 years of age..

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    I don't know...
    Assuming he is going home to a rack like that every night maybe he doesn't ;)
  13. I agree. Volt the hell out of it. I've been telling people this all month. You can definitely go ti 1.55v with a Q6600. Just mind those temps!
  14. pcgamer12 said:
    You would know huh? 38 years of age..

    Old enough to gather that OC'ing is for someone extremely bored or on a tight budget - either ways it boils down to a waste of time when you take into consideration that the results aren't worth a hoot in most desktop situations, bar number crunching which does not have a graphics api now does it?

    You end up buying extreme cooling, extreme memory... extreme everything just so you can have a moment of glory and watch scientific benchmarks take your pc to shreds. Stellar.

    Being clueless as to what Prime does for testing a CPU, troubleshooting can be a pain in the hiny. I get a sense that this might be the case in this thread. Already everyone is on voltage and shockingly the increase thereof, but no one knows why Prime fails except the poster whom says it's the third core that fails. Wow, we increase voltage to get past a core that doesn't work at a set point.

    But what would us old people know?
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  19. Try taking a look at your TIM patern.
    Just take the hsf off, and make sure the paste is covering where all the cores are. Make sure it's nice and thin, and that there are no air pockets.
  20. LOL. 'Bum core'
    What a load of wank.
    Show me where Intel says a Q6600 should run @ 3.4Ghz, and i'll cum in my own mouth.

    Your q6600 is guaranteed to run @ 2.4Ghz, not one cycle higher.

    3.4 is a pretty good OC, ive found my ram (see sig) needed some more volts even when underclocked, so maybe try that, tho it does sound like u found the chip's limit.

    U can spend big $$ trying a new board etc, but at the end of the day a really good setup will still ONLY get 3.6Ghz. So think of it this way: Is it really worth fking about for an extra 200Mhz???
  21. mrmez said:

    Show me where Intel says a Q6600 should run @ 3.4Ghz, and i'll cum in my own mouth.

    Creative aren't we? Very bad grammar for a public thread.
  22. @the OP (and while we're at it, the floon that figures the P35-DS3L is a "budget" board and thus cannot overclock decently).

    You're pathetic. I've also got the P35-DS3L board. It's got an E4500 in it, pin-modded to 333MHz and OCed further to 400MHz, with the multiplier dropped to 10, which means my processor is running at 4GHz. Voltage on the processor is at 1.575V, with the Vdroop mod. My RAM's at 800MHz (2.0V). My PCI-Express is at 105MHz. Et cetera, et cetera.

    Plus it's got a twin-radiator setup with a high-flow pump and 15mm tubing across the board, so my temps max out at about 62ºC on the cores (according to intel's TAT). Idle is around 23ºC on start, 26ºC after load is removed again. Coolant is a 33% Castrol antifreeze/67% distilled water. I've also got a Golf mkIII heater core I'm planning on ramming in there to help with the load temps.

    If you're not watercooling, you're not trying hard enough. Aircooling's for people who live in places like Antarctica, or have a room with a heavy-duty AC unit.

    Also, intel never said a Q6600 "should" run at 3.4GHz AFAIK. I am an overclocker, though, so I say the Q6600 must run at 4+GHz. This is possible and I have seen it done with my own eyes, and the person doing it was also running watercooling and some insane voltage. Oh, and a P35-DS3L too.

    While we're on the topic of people not trying before they give up, you can even overclock a Dell using pinmods.

    *stalks off shaking head at how people are so damn unmotivated these days*

    EDITed because I felt like it.
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