Which stores do you buy your parts from?


So my question is this: Is it safe to buy components at other online stores such as Mwave, buy.com, and similar average rating stores (according to Resellerratings.com)?

Newegg of course gets insane reviews, but I could save 10% more overall on my $1300-1400 computer if I bought items at different places on the internet. Do I need to be worried that certain websites will not have the same quality of components or they might ship them in a way that damages the components, i.e. a case?

I am thinking most places are safe, but what rating would you demand on resellerratings.com to determine the store is safe. I love Amazon, but it has quite a low customer satisfaction rating, so I do not know what to think!

Thanks guys.
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  1. the quality of parts would be the same. they don't make the parts, just sell them. i always use either newgg.com or zipzoomfly.com. i've experienced zero problems with either etailer. personally i would not buy from some little know websites because of the returns. if you have to return and item for any reason, newegg is the best. i hear that they custumer service is very high, but i as yet have to have a problem with anyting to actually call and verify.
  2. I agree about returns. Customer Service is the biggest concern to me about shopping online.

    Frys occasionally has better deals than newegg. http://www.frys.com

    For stuff like monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc, I'd check local retailers at their websites too. Best Buy, Circuit City, and the like.
  3. I have spent well over $50,000 at mWave and they are a quality merchant.
    Buy.com is ok, they have a bit of a tough return policy though last time I checked.

    Amazon is great, you have to remember people mainly write in to complain, most people with good experiences don't bother to write in.

    Remember, you might save a little by buying from all over the place, but you have to factor in all the different shipping costs. It usually works out to about even.
  4. Dumb double posts tonight. Sorry!
  5. The site I purchase from the most (since ~2000) is Newegg.com. Next is ZipZoomFly. Those are the onse I consistently purchase item from.

    I used to use Mwave (a.k.a. multi-wave.com back in 1998).

    SVC.com for fans.
    Performance-PCS.com for my HTPC case and fans.
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