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Anyone know anything about Samsung 171S

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
September 17, 2002 2:21:46 AM

Thinking of getting Samsung 171S, just wondering if anyone knows any good or babd points about it?

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September 17, 2002 4:01:30 AM

Just purchased one...Love it!!! Bright screen...clarity like nothing else I have seen, except the XSGA screen on my Dell Laptop. Fast...I actually play games with very little effect on this screen. RTCW looks stellar...Jedi Knight II and more. I really have no complaint about the screen at all. If you wish...PC Magazine does ratings on flat panels...the they rated the Samsung 181T number one...the only brand to receive 5 stars. I agree! I suggest that you get a good 30 day return policy from wherever you purchase it...if you don't like it...return it. I purchased the Sam's Club version of the monitor called the 170s. The 170s, according to drivers and tech support people at Samsung is the exact 171s...made for and sold only at Sam's, by Samsung. I saved $$$$ with the Sam's version...and LOVE this monitor. Sam's Club members have a 90 day return policy. Sam's also carries the 191s, 150s, and 151s. If you have a membership...go there and take a good look.

September 18, 2002 5:07:43 AM

I need to update this post. There was a milky, swirly film inside the lcd cover. When in a dark screen, it looked like someone had wiped the screen with a filmy rag and forgot to clean the residue. Almost a milky white. Very annoying to look at. Boxed and return tommorrow. Back to my 19" CRT...forget LCD! Really disappointed in Samsung. If they are supposedly rated #1...I'd be sure to stay away from anything else as well, for the time being.

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September 18, 2002 1:49:14 PM

Um, u sure that wasn't a defect or possibly something on the surface. U're saying that on a black screen, there was a milk white swirl on the monitor that was illuminated compared to the black?

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September 18, 2002 2:28:51 PM

Yeah! Talked to Samsung this morning. They didn't like the description either. They seem to think that the coating on the back of the protective screen was defective. Even they recommend taking it back. I did clean the screen to double check that. Used lint free cotton based cloth with distilled water...swirls still there...Covers about 14" of the 17" screen. Annoying as can be, too!

September 18, 2002 7:58:04 PM

Hmm, I personally have bad experience with cleaning an lcd with water (left nice stains all over the place). Take it back, and get anew one, that isn't regular.

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September 18, 2002 8:05:31 PM

what is, or where is sams club? are they on the web or is that a local store to you..... im interested in this monitor even though you had some problems.... as you said, its highly recommended.

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September 18, 2002 8:38:29 PM

thanks bob.... what is your situation? are you going to get the same kind again? do the new samsungs incorporate ffd technology or is that just mitsubishi?

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September 18, 2002 8:42:23 PM

I don't believe that Samsung has ffd...but the refresh on the 170S (Sam's Club Version) is enough that I played RTCW, Jedi Knight II, Need for Speed Porsche and some others with no ghosting or anything like it. Right now, I'm gonna sit on my credit card until the credits all land. Once I'm back to a 0 balance...I may go back for another round until I find a good one. The Sam's price for the 170s is $549. If you look anywhere on the internet for a price on the 171s (the straight Samsung version of the same monitor)...the lowest I've seen is $709...$150 in savings and if you get a good're set. The manager of Sam's personally apologized as did the Samsung Tech Support engineer. Seems that a bad batch may have gone to my Sam's.

September 18, 2002 8:50:51 PM

hmmm... im lookin at the Samsung 19" SyncMaster Digital LCD Monitor and the dot pitch is .29..... isnt that bad?

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September 18, 2002 9:46:52 PM

CRT is .25 for good ones, .29 isn't bad really. It's just bigger. You could go for an 18" (I think for 1280x1024 it's best, cause imo 17" is too small for very comfortable use, and 19" may have annoying dot pitch for some).

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September 18, 2002 10:13:57 PM

ok, so .25 crt and .29 lcd are equivalent? i am getting rid on my 17" crt.... wont 19" lcd be a huge difference? dont they measure them differently?

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September 18, 2002 11:13:39 PM

Oh no, I'm not saying they're equivalent, I'm simply comparing. 17" CRT is usually 15.xx-16" viewable, a 19" LCD is all viewable, so yes, there will be a 3+ inch difference.

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September 19, 2002 1:23:21 AM

oooh, sweet... thats even better than i thought. i'll have to check some of these things out over the weekend... here are the ones i'm thinking about. maybe you or someone, knows about them? 19" ViewSonic VX9001 and Samsung synchmaster 191T.

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September 19, 2002 1:39:16 AM

Both r nice, but do remember that w/ the MVA and PVA technologies they both respectively use, they have high grey response times, so it may not be too fun with that. You can alternatively wait for FFD.

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September 19, 2002 1:51:29 AM

hmmm.... do you know if any companies other than mitsubishi use the ffd tech?

im gonna be using this for gaming mostly.... maybe i should wait?

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