Blue screen errors only with 2 RAM sticks installed


I have 2 sticks of 1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 6400C4 RAM. I am using a Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L mATX board (2 ram slots, which will be referred to as A and B). I have run into problems consisting of blue screen errors that occur before Windows XP displays the login screen. I am using a legitimate version of XP and "Fail-Safe" BIOS settings (no overclocking).

I have ran a memtest86+ test on both of the memory modules inserted at the same time. They passed 50 tests together. I have not yet run them separately as it did not seem necessary.

To troubleshoot, I spent awhile testing various RAM configurations. To test them for blue screen errors, I just turned on the computer to let it load XP.

When I had RAM 1 and 2 in slots A and B, respectively, 6 out of 10 tests returned blue screen errors.

When I then used only RAM 1 in slot A, I went 20 tests without errors. Switching RAM 1 to slot B, I went 20 tests without errors. Using only RAM 2 in slot A, I went 20 tests without errors. Using only RAM 2 in slot B, I went 20 tests without errors.

I then switched to RAM 2 in slot A and RAM 1 in slot B. I got 5 errors out of 20 tests.

Reverting back to RAM 1 in slot A and RAM 2 in slot B, I got 3 blue screens in the first 4 tests (and then quit testing)

Sorry if that is lengthy, but here's the summary. I only get blue screen errors with both sticks in. The problem seems worse when RAM 1 is in slot A, and RAM 2 is in slot B. Either way, whenever there was 2 sticks in, I saw errors within 20 tests. Whenever there was 1 stick in, there were no errors within 20 tests.

Is this a problem with the RAM? Or should I suspect faulty motherboard memory slots?

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  1. In BIOS manually set the RAM voltage to 2.1v which is what the manufacturer calls for. Defaulting the BIOS provides 1.8v.
  2. But the motherboard GA-G31M-S2L memory voltage is only 1.80v to 1.84v (0.01v increment).
  3. JSheppard - I have been having similar problems, actually, identical problems as you and I finally had Geek Squad inspect my computer. Both of my RAM sticks tested fine individually, but whenever 2 sticks were installed, my computer would blue screen with either a USB Bugcode or display driver error. The Geek Squad guy spent 5 hours testing each and every configuration of RAM, but whenever he tried a dual configuration, we'd get an error. He is convinced that there is something wrong with the motherboard chips that are handling memory in a dual configuration (I have an ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard).

    I upgraded my 1 gig stick for a 2 gig stick and everything is working without a hitch, but I would like to find out if anyone knows if this is truly a motherboard issue or if there is a way to fix the problem. I would hate to go through the effort of installing a new motherboard only to find out an easier solution.

  4. I am seeing an identical problem on an ASUS Striker II extreme

    1 stick in 1a or 1b works just fine

    1stick in 2a or 2b is shakey (haven't completed the testing)

    2 sticks, will not boot! BSoD

    Memory voltage and timing are set to factory specs.

    Corsair XMS3 DDR3

    Intel Qx 9650

    All the latest chipset drivers, and Bios.
  5. I am also facing the same problem. i have 1gb and 2gb ram. when i install it together then only the bsod occurs. otherwise individual runs perfect. pls give me solution. as i want to use both.

    i have asus motherboard and amd x2 245 processor.

    also is increasing voltage to 2.1 won't affect anything? will it solve this issue? then i will try.
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