Vista64 Install Won't Recognize Samsung SH-S222

Hi All,

I hope I have placed this question in the right forum.

I'm working on my first homebuilt/newbuild, and I'm up to installing the OS - Vista64 Home Premium OEM.

The Vista install runs up to the point of telling me that it can't find a driver for my CD/DVD. I have a Samsung OEM SH-S222, on an IDE cable connected to an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 MOBO. I've tried both the cable-select and master settings, with the same result. It is the only IDE device connected to the MOBO. The HD is sata, and I don't have a floppy drive installed.

The Samsung website says this model uses a standard atapi driver, so Samsung doesn't provide a separate driver.

Clearly Vista identifies something, because it boots and runs the install program.

I'm kinda stuck. Any suggestions? What other info can I provide?

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  1. windows vista doesnt require a driver for that drive. you must be doing something else incorrect.
  2. Hi All,

    Got it solved! Based on rand_79's assertion that I should not need a driver, I went back to look through the setup once again.

    Long story short, I found an IDE cable that came with the MOBO and was color-coded to match the description in the MOBO manual. I replaced the generic IDE cable I was using with the one from ASUS and "VOILA!"

    The Vista Install now appears to be almost finished with the fourth "Installing Updates" step.

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