Nvidia driver installation failure..also poor 8800gtx performance

System specs:

650 Watt Power Supply.
Asus p5E
4 gig ram
750 g HD
XP Pro
XFX 8800gtx 768 M Graphic card
Audigy 2 Soundblaster

I download the latest Nvidia Drivers 175 series. I go through the installation, reboot, my old drivers are still showing as installed. Im stripping the old driver before installation and the 5/2/08 6 series drivers keep showing up. I can't get the 175 nvidida drivers to stick. Any ideas?

Also, my 8800gtx 768 meg graphic card has incredibly poor performance in all games, esp planetside, age of conan,etc FPS in the teens. I hope the driver update will repair this problem, however, i think it is a completely different problem. Any help here would be appreciated as well.
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  1. Are you deleting the .ini files from the system32 folder or just uninstalling them?
  2. james_elwell may be able to deleate them through driver cleaner.(1) (uninstall driver )first then use driver cleaner.reboot go into safe mode,us driver cleaner again.reboot into normal mode and use driver cleaner again then load new drivers.hope this helps you out.
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