Quick help on picking a PSU

Building a new comp, only thing I have trouble with is choosing a PSU
Ive used a few calculators, but they all give varying results...

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 w/ Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
DDR2-6400 4GB x2
SATA 500GB 7200 RPM x2
Nvidia 8600gt
+n fans

Im thinking this power supply would be fine

Also I have an older (but it was good at the time) 350W PSU in my current computer I can harvest, but not sure if that would be enough power...

Any help would be awesome
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  1. I personally have the corsair cmpsu-650TX 650w. I did the same as you and used all of those calculators and it ended up saying I would be fine with a 450w but I then thought I could just spend an extra 20 or so bucks and have more than enough power and not be limited in any way down the road. I don't plan on doing anything other than a 4.0 ghz OC, I will be doing no SLi or any other power demanding additions.

    The 650w corsair can be had for 99.99 at newegg after mail in rebate.

    PS, I hope you dont plan on ordering your rig from compusa :x

  2. 450W is plenty. I got a E4600 and 8800GT with a 430W.
  3. Yup the PSU you listed is perfect for your needs. Its of super good quality, and 450w is just the right amount of watts.
    I say go for it.
  4. Corsair 450vx (33amps single rail, 450w, 80+ effeciency) $55 with google checkout:
  5. Thanks guys
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