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This is going to be a 1 very stupid question in my opinion. Im wondering.... I have OS Windows XP Home Edition which is only 32 bit (I think) and im going to buy a new graphic card which is a 64 bit graphic (Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 "Silent" 1GB) and im asking myself if the graphic card has anything to do with a 32 bit windows. Will it work? is there a problem with that?

Thanks for reading this! :)
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  1. The stupid questions here are one's that have nothing to do with computers (how to grow bigger radishes, will there be a full moon on Monday.. etc.).

    Your question concerns XP 32 bit compatability for the Radeon 5450, a good question.

    The AMD site indicates it comes with:

    Certified drivers for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

    So it will work on 32 bit XP.    If it only had 64 bit drivers, it would have said drivers for Windows XP X64.

    The AMD page showing this is at:

  2. Yes, it will work fine. Make sure to download the newest video driver, which is Catalyst Control Center v.10.9. You can get it here.
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