micro atx + 8800gtx = lanbox or similar? help please!

Im looking for any mini itx or micro atx case that can hold a 8800gtx and a athlon 64x2 6000+ processor. other parts such as a psu and mobo would be helpful as well. thanks
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  1. Fairly sure this one will work, and if it's for a lanbox, the handle is nice too:

  2. golddeath,

    My friend and i were hunting around for suitable cases for this exact same scenario and came across this case from Silverstone. http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/p_contents.php?pno=sg03
    In real terms to give you a rough idea of the size, the case is not much taller than his Creative 5.1 subwoofer and narrower! I was somewhat impressed, i even considered changing my Antec 900 for it, but then i'd miss the air-con for my room!

    Silverstone actually recommend suitable PSU's on the website, however most standard 150 x 160 x 85mm ATX PSU's will fit. I would recommend one with short power leads, perhaps modular too as cable management within this case can be a little tricky.

    The case will fit a standard micro-atx motherboard, as an example this one from gigabyte:
    I am not saying that is the best mb to go for, it's just to give you an indication of size, and the spec you can get on such a board.

    The rest of the components you're pretty much free to pick yourself depending on budget and so on.

  3. The Apevia X-Qpack2 can fit those things, but I cannot recommend it because of quality issues (and of course you wouldn't use its included PSU). It's a wonderful design, but poorly executed. I mention it only because you may want to look at its layout for comparison.
    For any micro-ATX case, a modular PSU is a very good idea. The X-QPACK2 design can take a full-sized one; I used a Mushkin modular which is actually a little deeper than standard but still fit.
  4. Cheap and Cheerfull:


    20 quid, as usual problem always finding a case that will support a full sized atx psu because lets face it micro atx psu's are just lame and don't provide the 650w + juice you need for the modern set up.

    here is the case layout and dimensions:


    A typical psu dimensions and a blu ray drive (you do the math :P):


    and last but not least the dimension of a 280gtx


    measure it all up and you have a cheap NORMAL looking case as oppose to these hideous cube things with see thru plastic on the sides, that case I suggested can even house a 120mm fan which is a must for cooling and I'll even reccomend a fan to put there:


    Trust me these fans are SILENT, so there you have a nice super quiet pc that you don't want to throw a brick at when you walk into the room.

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