Hello; I thought this forum would be the best to post my problem tho the issue is not exactly related 100% to overclocking. I have 3 machines with ASUS A7V8X-X motherboards that have been running w/o problems for 3-5 years. They all have the latest BIOS release. None are overclocked.

Yesterday I wanted to do some overclocking on one of them. I rebooted and when pressing the delete key
once or
multiple times
I received the same message "entering Setup" but the machine posted past and began loading XP. The posting shows all the correct devices enabled, memory size and of course XP runs fine. No errors with Prime95 either. The other 2 machines enter the BIOS correctly.

Could using a mix of pc2700 and pc3200 high/low density memory sticks cause this? I know these ASUS MOBOs can have 1ea 3200 and 2ea 2700s and my other machines are able to enter the BIOS with those stick combos. MOBO bad? If so I'd expect some other symptoms(?)

Very interesting problem. There is very little on the web concerning this type of problem so hopefully this forum may be of some assistance.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Cheers
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  1. Are you using a wireless or USB keyboard? IF so try a ps2 keyboard.

    It would be a good idea to give people an idea of what help you are looking for in the title instead of "1".
  2. Thanks for the reply
    Sorry messed up and did not know the thread was the subject.

    Tried it no go - I have 3 machines connected via a 4 port KVM swwitch all using the wireless same keyboard and mouse and only one will not enter the BIOS
  3. Are they all custom built computers or store bought?
  4. Best answer
    Clear CMOS (remove battery) and try.
  5. Yep all built by me - same mobo.

    I was hesitent to reset the CMOS in case it would not reboot after that but THAT WAS THE CURE Many thanks gentlemen of the forum I can now proceed to burn out my CPU with overclocking. :sol:
  6. ^Good luck.
  7. try disconnecting the keyboard from the KVN switch and connect it directly into one of the computer towers
  8. no help it was the cmos needed to be reset - must of got confused. Thanks
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