Idiot needs help with new build.

I know we have no business taking on a new build but we did it anyway. Now we have problems. Here's what we got:
Intel Core2 Duo E8400 processor
Intel Media Series DP35DP MB
GeForce 8800GS video
antec 650 wt power
Pioneer DVD/CD writer
Patriot Ram (2 1k sticks)
Maxter-Sata II/300 Hard drive kit. (spent our stimulus $$)
Here's what the BIOS says:
BIOS version: DPP3510J.86A.0293.2007.1002.1519
It does show the correct time and date
Advance Drive Configuration: ATA/IDE mode: Native
Configure SATA as <RAID>
S.M.A.R.T. Enabled
So we connected the parts and put in a Window Xp (the old original) I don't know if it is an oem or what, it came with my old computer. The disk says Windows XP home ed and the label has pretty holographic colors I would guess that all the geniune disks come with.
It did not tell us to format the hard-drive,, isn't supposed to do that. So...
My husband attached a floppy and was able to format the HD through DOS (yes we are old).

Now I try to install Windows and it looked like it was installing because it said: "Windows set up" on the top left of the screen, and on the bottom: Set up is loading files (USB Keyboard) etc,,,

BUT then, I get the "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH", that says "(You idiot), A problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer. It tells me to check to see if my hardware is properly installed or configured. Run CHKDSK F to check for hard drive corruption then restart --- STOP OX0000007B ( 0XF7BD663C, OXC0000034, OX00000000, OXOOOOOOOO.... I'm betting it's not giving me hugs and kisses..
I would be greatful for any help.
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  1. i would suddgest searching the internet for a bios update as i dont think the current bios can support the E8400. as for formating the HDD. you can do that when setting up windows for DOS can only do a much smaller partition as compared to xp.
  2. JustaMom said:

    Maxter-Sata II/300 Hard drive kit. (spent our stimulus $$)
    Configure SATA as <RAID>
    Any more info about that Hard Drive Kit?
    Does that DP35DP MB even support RAID? Intel MB comparison - shows RAID options at the bottom
  3. Was the old computer a Dell or Compaq? Sometimes those disks require the hardware it was originally installed on and if it was OEM then you will have additional problems trying to activate it once it's installed. Buying a new copy of XP Home might be a safe bet.

    You might have the reinstallation disk too and not a full version. If your other PC was a Dell or another pre-built machine, they sometimes have a separate partition with the installation files on the hard-drive (sometimes hidden too) that the installation uses.

    Anyway good luck with everything :)
  4. I cant find anything that gives an actual list of supported cpus. It only says cpus with a fsb of 1066/1333 supported. Thats a very wide range of cpus and for some reason I dont believe its compatable with every one of the current ones.

    I agree about the OS installation disk. You may need to get your hands on a regular full copy and try to reinstall.

    You can try Intels site for the cpu support list, I already did and it wasnt clear enough for me to believe all cpus are supported. If you can contact them thru customer service or some phone number on their site I would try that next to ensure the cpu you have now is actually compatable, even with a BIOS update.

    I have never seen so many BIOS fixes as the ones for your motherboard. Thats a good and bad thing at the same time, IMO.
  5. Whats a stimulus ?
  6. alfrido said:
    Whats a stimulus ?

    Economic Stimulus Payment also known as a Tax Rebate.
  7. Stimulus - 1. something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc.: The approval of others is a potent stimulus.

    In the U.S. it means mad money
  8. Daft: I'll scour the net for possible bios updates.

    WR2: Maxtor Basics brand: SataII/300 Internal Hard Drive Kit, 500GB, 16mb Cashe, 7200rpm, 3yr limited warranty
    The "kit" comes with: drive, cd which has cloning software, disc utilities and installation guides but since I can't use the cd drive, I can't use it. Also comes with a very brief installation booklet -- What I did find was a paragraph on "Chec BIOS message that states: "If you have a MB with built-in SATA ports (I think it does) power on your system and look for an on-screen BIOS message that refers to the SATA interface or controller. This message indicates that the SATA interface on your MB is enable. If you do not see this message, consult the documnt supplied with your MB or system to enable SATA support in the BIOS,,, " We definitely don't get the message but maybe states in our Bios that SATA is there.

    Leo2kp: The old computer was a store or home built one we purchased, does an oem disk look different from a regular one? I think I'll purchase another one tomorrow anyway, because this is the first XP, no service packs so it's got to be old.

    Enlander753: Re: MB and supported CPU,, the guy at the store said it was....but I'll call tomorrow. The box states it supportsIntel core 2 duo and references to a website:
    I went there and it states this MB db35db supports the chipset p35 which I think is another name for my intel e8400
    There you have it, my life in a computer case.
  9. You mentioned that you configured your drive as Raid.
    You need two or more Hard drive's for a raid confuration. Make sure that you turn off the Raid in your bios if you onlt have one drive.
  10. The P35 chipset is what provides features such as usb support, cpu support and other features of your motherboard. I dont think your motherboard actually supports the E8400 cpu out of the box and Im not so sure it does even after a BIOS update.

    It may but if it does you still have to manually flash the BIOS first before it supports that cpu. You 1st need to verify that motherboard does and secondly, if it does you will need to use a supported cpu to get the system up so you can flash the BIOS.

    Im certain this is the case and I do recommend you contacting the mobo maker and verifying it does before you attempt this process.
  11. OK, My brother took my hard drive home and tested it. It seems to be ok.
    I called Intel, they said the MB and processor was a marriage made in heaven.
    Next we looked at bios settings. You geeks, I mean you really smart people, were right. Some of you said to get off of RAID, which by the way is contradictory to what some of the instructions say and Intel's own support site that states that RAID is also beneficial for single HDs. But the tech guy says switch it so I do and change it from RAID. Some progress.
    MY BAD, I have been trying to install the older version of Windows, no service pack and the MB apparently doesn't like vintage programs.
    So I install an updated version of Windows,,, and here I am writing this message to you on my new, very sleek and powerful computer. 500G - that ought to hold me over until, well, I die. Yeah!!

    I am a computer geektress,, NOT, just really lucky to get some good advice.
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