Antec 1200 vs Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS

I live close to microcenter, I am not sure if they even have it in-store (in fact I didn't see it when I went there today) - they might be out of stock, or it might be online order only. But I am just wondering what you guys think.

Antec 1200:
cost around $187-$197 (after tax or shipping)

Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS
cost around $140 (after shipping)

which is the better deal? which would you get?
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  1. Doesn't matter what I'd get. If it's what you want to get. I prefer doorless. The 1200 has prolly the biggest perforated holes on the front side. It has dust filters for intakes. The most important I think is the top 20cm blowhole which can be enough for the entire case cooling. Also, there are venting holes at the bottom which is again very important.

    The TT Armor has doors & small venting holes. I don't think it cools better than the 1200 even though it has a very large side fan. I used to have a 25cm side fan in an old case, but my new cm690 still beats it to the punch with smaller 12cm fans & bottom & top venting holes.
  2. Twelve Hundred, but only because I hate the flashy look of most cases (TT Armors definitely included). I would also swap out all the factory fans in the 1200 for 800/1200 rpm Scythe's (primarily because the don't have LEDs), but that's just my personal preference.
  3. I'd go for the 1200, better cooling. More modern case.
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