Are Seagate 1.5TB 7200.11 safe now?

I'm in the market for a new main drive, and considering the infamous Seagate 7200.11 1.5TB.

Have all the firmware problems been fixed by now? Is it safe to buy?
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    I haven't heard any more "noise" related to firmware problems on the 7200.11 for a couple of months now. This doesn't mean the problems are solved.

    I recenly read somewhere on the net that Seagate was having some problems with their 1TB hard drives. As they did with the 1.5TB, seagate has yet to acknowledge the problem. Don't ask me what the problem is, I think I read the first 4 lines and figured that was enough to keep me from considering a seagate for at least another 6 months.


    Personally, I would be very uncomfortable purchasing a Seagate drive at this time. I would look at other options and gladly pay a little more for a drive that has not suffered such a bumpy ride.

  2. OK, thanks. Is there a consensus on the best choice at the moment?
  3. I saw a review of 2TB hard drives recently, either here at THG or Anandtech.

    The Western Digitals and Samsungs did quite well. Personally, I'd be partial to Western Digital, they seem to get it done right the first time, their warranty processing is reasonable. Overall, they seem to be the ones that offer a decent drive with the least amount of fuss. Samsung is good but I've heard that filing a warranty claim on their drives is a pain - I cannot give any details on that since, though I own 4 samsung drives, I have not had to file a warranty claim.

  4. I'd like a WD 1.5TB Black, but they're not out yet. Might have to wait til then... I don't want the Green version to boot from.
  5. you can use Bing cashback and get it (seagate 1.5tb) for $96 on ewiz
  6. Amazingly, I don't live in the USA, sorry!
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