Line-in problem with SB Audigy SE

Hi my fellow forumites!

I've got a little problem with my new SB Audigy SE soundcard. I'll start with giving you my computer specifications and a little introduction to the problem.


CPU: Core 2 Duo E6300 (not overclocked)
Motherboard: Asus P5B-E (revision 1)
RAM: 2 GB OCZ Gold 800 Mhz
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 8800GT 512 MB
HDD: 2x 250 GB Samsung Spinpoint (non RAID:ed that is)
OS: Before format: Slackware (a Linux distrobution) and WinXP using LILO written to MBR
After format: WinXP

A little introduction to the problem:

Some days ago I bought myself a SB Audigy SE because I needed better line-in playback than what I got from the onboard audio.

The installation went fine. I disabled the onboard audio after removing the drivers and then I plugged in the soundcard and installed the drivers. After that a reboot. I plugged in my Xbox 360 on line-in to test the sound and it was perfect.

After playing a while I shut the computer off and did something else. When I started my computer again some hours later the line-in playback didn't work (everything else did though), all I could hear was some weird buzzing sound.

I thought maybe it was the two Operating Systems sound drivers (WinXP: Creative Labs, Slackware: ALSA) that conflicted so I reformatted my computer and installed WinXP. At first everything worked fine but after a reboot the line-in stopped working again, in exactly the same way it did the first time.

I have no idea how the solve this problem. Please help me.


I solved the problem, well almost. Somehow S/PDIF-in and Line-in conflicts. S/PDIF-in is muted by default and to get the sound back I have to unmute S/PDIF-in mute line-in and then mute S/PDIF-in and unmute line-in. Kind of irritating to do this everytime you're going to play Xbox 360 but hey atleast it works. To bad I reformatted the computer.
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  1. Had the self-same problem, but believe I have found a permanent solution - well more of a work around. It's only the line-in slider that fails to operate on reboot following your mute/un-mute process. The microphone slider is not affected by any such S/PDIF conflict!!

    So let's use the microphone slider I thought, but sources designed for 'line levels' completely overload the front end of the microphone input card before the soft volume control enters the chain.

    I therefore decided to make an external audio attenuator to reduce left and right channel input levels by some 20dB. Based on the common supposition that the front end impedance of the Audigy SE is around 10K ohm, this can be accomplished by inserting a 100K ohm resistor in each stereo leg.

    So with a little bit of outboard hardware, sanity is restored. Hope you find this works for you.
  2. After a driverchange and a reformat (non dualbooted) it works; occasionally.

    I might try your permanent workaround but at the moment I don't have the necessary resources.

    I coded a small VBS-script for others with the same problem, it'll be in this thread later today.
  3. Do you have the VB Script, mine is doing the same thing? I udated all the drivers and software today to no avail...
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