Laptop without hdmi to tv hdmi

How can I hook up a laptop that has no HDMI port to a tv that does have one?
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  1. The short answer is you can't. The somewhat longer answer is that it depends on what video output options the laptop does have, if any. If there are no video output options, then there is no hope short of some extensive hardware hacking that will void your warranty at the very least.
  2. I purchased this to connect with VGA, but the audio though it was very low on one PC and had distortion on another, I had to turn off HDMI audio on the TV and use the analog inputs from the laptop. Image was great, especially on a 1080p TV. On my 720p I had overscan issues that I could not fix.

    That is assuming your TV does not have a VGA input to begin with, which my older LCD did not.
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