Cant format during window installation

i have a sony vaio laptop, it came with window vista home premium preinstalled, now i want to run window xp on my laptop...but the problem is, the formatting stops running at 4% and it took like 3 hours to go to 5%, then it runs smoothly but stop at 66%...can anyone help me??
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  1. im running hdd regenerator and it found 11 bad sectors at 1.34% ....may be this would solve the problem...
  2. It could be a bad XP disc, bad optical drive, or a bad hard drive. If the XP disc looks scratched, try cleaning it with a few drops of water and a soft cloth.
  3. thanks for the reply..but the xp disc was a brand new one and there was no scratch on it...i'm trying to fix all the bad sectors now..hopefully it will solve the problem..if not i might have to replace my current optical drive with a new one.
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