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I have tried to save my desktop wallpaper to a jpeg onto a jump drive but when I open it from my computer in the specified drive it is just a blue screen. My operating system is windows XP
Help! I have no copy of this picture on my desktop!
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  1. I tried the print screen button else can I take a snapshot of this photo?
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    Normally, all of our Desktop settings can be changed by right-clicking on an empty reagon of the desktop and choosing the Properties > desktop. Once there, we see the image that is the current desktop image highlighted. Remembering the name of that image, click the Browse button and search in the opened dialog box for that image name > find it's location and you will be able to locate it in Windows Explorer to do with as you choose. If it is not in the window that opened with the browse button. you have the image name and can search for it by name through Windows Explorer. Then move it or open it as you so choose.
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