RAID with Intel WX58BP using Windows XP Home

I am using the Intel WX58BP motherboard with its onboard RAID. The OS is Windows XP Home

I have 1 x 160GB HDD and 2 x 500 GB HDDs.

I would like to have the OS on the 160GB HDD and setup the 2 x 500 GB HDDs in a RAID 1 configuration.

In effect, I would like to have the 160GB HDD as a non RAID drive.

Is this possible ?

If not, would it be a good idea to upgrade the 160GB HDD to an identical 500 GB HDD and attempt a RAID 5 ?

Anyone with hands on experience with this MB ?

New to this so step by step instructions would be appreciated.
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  1. What kind of RAID array, software or hardware? In any case, it is possible; it all depends on which drives you choose to build the array. Check your mobo documentation first; it says if it's RAID-capable or not.
  2. Piece o' cake for the ICH10R I/O controller hub.

    The following should be fully documented
    in your motherboard's User Manual,
    under Intel Matrix Storage Technology:

    (1) in the BIOS, enable RAID on the main SATA ports;

    (2) enable the Intel Option ROM also;

    (3) CTRL-I during POST to enter the Option ROM;

    (4) assign the 2 x 500GB HDDs to a RAID 1 array;

    (5) re-boot then confirm that your RAID 1 array
    is detected by the BIOS e.g. in Boot Priority
    and in the list of disk drives;

    (6) proceed to install XP to the 160GB HDD;

    (7) after XP is installed, partition and format the RAID 1 array.

    ICH10R can easily handle a mixture of RAID array(s) and JBOD disk(s).

  3. When re-inststalling the Windows XP Home Edition you have to load the SATA drivers from a floppy using the F6 key. Windows XP does not have native SATA drivers. There is a way of adding the drivers and updating the Registry manually to enable them if you cannot re-install the OS.
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