Will a 7300 GS support a 22" Widescreen Display?

Exactly as the title suggests, do you guys think an awful graphics card like the 7300 GS will support to resolutions of my monitor?

Graphics performance must suffer too right?
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  1. It should support the res, but you can be damn sure that you won't be able to game at it.
  2. The card will absolutely be able to support the resolution of that monitor. Don't expect to play any games at the LCD's native resolution, though...
  3. I think it will support it, max res on that card is 2048 x 1536, res on a 22" is 1680x1050. Of course performance will suffer in anything 3D intensive.
  4. Yes. even cards as old as a riva TNT 16mb card can run a desktop at 1680x1050.
  6. thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback
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