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As I was trying to merge my two partition with Partition Magic 8.0, I found, after the merge, one of the partition all gone. it says "unallocated" and I didnt try to allocate that again.
Windows system restore says "this kind of partition changes cannot be restored".
I had important data on that partition. what can i do any help would be great.
Thank you.

Windows xp sp3
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  1. I suggest you pay money and go to ask help from a data recovery expert.
  2. If unallocated size match to the size of lost partition. I am sure you can recover it in seconds with software like
    and many others.
    You can find some free options here:
  3. Normally when you merge partitions with PQMagic it puts the files from the second partition in a folder on the first partition. However, if it didn't and you have not over-written the Unallocated space, you can find an old version of Norton's version of Check Disk and run from a command prompt, it will find and allow the restore of previously available partitions.
    There is also a company that has a product (EASEUS) that does specific things such as recovering deleted partitions.
    Which provides EASEUS Partition Recovery - Free.
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