X1900XTX missing capacitor

I'm not exactly sure where I would post such a question, but maybe someone here has an answer.

I currently have an x1900xtx paper weight, because it seems that a capacitor has broken off of the board. I've heard a few people say that a missing capacitor would not affect function of the card, but when this card is placed into the motherboard, it fails to provide any display and I do get a few annoying beeps out of the system. The fan on the card spins though. Currently I am using a friends old x1900 crossfire to get by until I purchase another card in the near future. I wouldn't be too worried about my card except that I always find it nice to have a backup handy. I'm not tech inclined when it comes to the low down components of hardware, so I was hoping someone on here would know exactly what capacitor it is and perhaps a place I could find a replacement.

The x1900xtx and x1900 crossfire boards appear virtually identical. I've compared it part per part and found that missing spot to be the only visible flaw. The imprint in the board where the missing part should be is labeled "C1940". I've included a link to a pic to help anyone willing to assist me in this situation. Much appreciation in advance :)


Current System Specs:
x1900 Crossfire 512MB
Asus A8N32 SLi-Deluxe
AMD Athlon X2 4200+
2Gig Corsair Memory
500W PSU

I am upgrading next week to:
XFX 780i MB
Intel Q6600(GO Stepping)
4Gig Corsair XMS2
750W Corsair PSU
Vid Card will be determined when Nvidia and ATI launch their new series.
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  1. ooh, bl Chris.
    A missing capacitor may affect the function, depending on what the specs dictate it does.
    It is possible to fix however SMC are extremely hard to solder for a novice.
    Assuming you still have the capacitor it is alot simpler, just get lead-free solder, check the polarity as its probably an electrolytic capacitor and thus polar, and solder it in.

    But if you don't have the capacitor you'll have to source one of exactly the same spec. This is easier to do with the typical motherboard capacitors (which if you are sad enough, you can source better ones and upgrade you machine manually), however I don't know anywhere that sells the SMC needed and even if I did I don't know the spec of capacitor used. The wrong capacitor could lead to a short, at the least wrecking the video card (more obviously), at worst causing WWIII.
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