Finaly idling below 20.c

hahahhahahahha, just installed water cooling (coolit eliminator) idling at 16.c
ambient 29.c running e8400 stock at 3ghz..... yay
full load at 33.c
old tamps on zalman 9700nt weere idle around 30ish load 50ish
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  1. And u still on stock speed :P tats bad hahahaha...
  2. Well come on...for stock speed u wont need water cooling am sure u knw this...and have u tried overclocking at all...and tat too a 780i mobo...
  3. How is that possible with ambient temp 29C?????
  4. You are FOS.
    Okay "im_just_jokiN", do you really feel that posting nonsense absolutely necessary?
  5. Don't see how you can have below ambient temps with WC alone...not possible without TEC. I have idle temps at 26-28C...agreeing with everyone else...BS.

    Let's see some screen shots, because you just defied physics.

    check this out, it was on colder moring

    coolit eliminator is a thermo electric cooler, and why over clock, this setup runs anything
    maybe overclock when next gen games comeout. cant hurt to run cpu at these temps
  7. why stress out my cpu when i dont need to, games run mint.
  8. ok, even if you were not lying and you ambient is 29c, then how is it that your hard drives are 19c and 10c, do you have them in the loop with TEC on them as well? not to mention that your cores are reading in the high mid 30's.
  9. it was cold morning just turned comp on for couple of mins, cooler is not on water system. one hard drive has fan. i think core sensor stuck, i thought that was weird too they NEVER get below 37. but meh
  10. alright, that clarifies that. odd for an hdd sensor to be stuck though. but i must admit, i have seen my hdd at 16c before.
  11. After looking at the screen shot I realized something. I've seen this before. On my system SpeedFan has 2 CPU read outs. 1 is way to cold and the other is spot on. I'm willing to bet that this guy is looking at the wrong one.

    Since the HDD is only at 19 the ambient must be lower. Water / liquid cooling doesn't naturally go below ambient. Also his CPU cores are at 37. If his system is idling, then his CPU is probably about 35. Kinda high for water cooling but in line from what I'd expect with his CPU core readouts.
  12. well, i looked up his water cooling set, it has 3 TEC's in a row set up on the loop to the cpu block, so you are almost guaranteed lower than ambient temps. but for such a high difference, yeah, there is something wrong their
  13. not to mention 32c 9800GTX+ seems a little low as well.
  14. i meant to say in previous post, hdd is not on water cooling and i think cpu sensor is stuck at 37. it was a cold morning on that screen shot and dont usually idle that low usually at around 17 - 25.
  15. aslo everst ultimate show same temps
  16. With all of those TECs how are you dealing with the condensation from going below ambient?
  17. havnt sny yet. i wonder how much lower water temp has to be below amb temp to condensate
  18. Why would you go to the trouble and expense to install a cooling setup like this, if you did not intend on overclocking? Makes absolutely no sense at all, unless you simply don't like the sound of fans. But then, following that line of reasoning, you wouldn't care about temps. You would have been posting something like "my new water cooling setup is dead silent! I can hear myself think again!"
    No, I gotta go with your wanted the lowest temps possible for no obvious reason at all. Still does not make any sense.
  19. My 9800GTX idles at around 30C. At load its no higher than 36-38 depending on ambient temps.
  20. i got cooler free off brother, motor might be on its way out, i plan to eventually over clock when the need arises.
    also my gtx load temps dont get over 50( thats when riva tuner cranks fan speed from 35% to 100%)
  21. 100% fan speed usually is not recommended because it tends to kill the fan a lot faster.i would suggest 70% tops, or play around with the fan speeds. for a while i had mine at 70% and now its at 40% because any higher and i don't see any benifits.

    besides, GPU's are made to handle upward of 90c, 100c in some cases. so 60c-70c is still completely acceptable
  22. Quote: [...] ia=mupload

    check this out, it was on colder moring

    Isn't your 12V supply showing 9.61V a bit of a problem????????
  23. all programs report diff voltage, my bios shows 12v is at 12v and thats what i trust
  24. im_just_jokin said:
    hahahhahahahha, just installed water cooling (coolit eliminator) idling at 16.c
    ambient 29.c running e8400 stock at 3ghz..... yay
    full load at 33.c
    old tamps on zalman 9700nt weere idle around 30ish load 50ish

    Imposible. cannot have a temp lower than ambient. unless you put ice in the water tank or have a chiller in the water loop.
  25. dont people read, ithe cooler uses tec's, any one who knows what tec's knows they cool below abient. and if u dnt know what tec's are go find out. ( nothing is imposible)
  26. heh i missed that part didnt know you have thermoelectric coolers. doh!
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