Bought a new PSU 650w one 12v 36a rail.. won't run my EVGA 7300gs ??!!

I can't understand why my new (although cheapass) PSU ChiefMax 650w Single Rail 12v 36amp PSU won't run my PC with only an EVGA 7300gs installed for extra equipment.

But my Antec 500w dual rail (12v 15a & 12v 17a) will run it just fine.

Anyone understand why 36amp wouldn't be enough? It's only a 2.2 ghz emachine with 2 gigs ram a wireless nice card 1hdd 1dvd and 1evga 7300gs installed.

This seems like the new cheapo PSU should work just fine?
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  1. Sorry I posted this is anotehr forum first but thought I put it in the wrong one so I posted in the right one, but I can't figure out how to edit or delete the other post.

    I didn't mean to spam this post across forums. Sorry about that. :/

    read the first page

    EDIT: infact, read that whole article
  3. what was wrong with the antec then? and why in the world r u using such a cheap ass psu?!!?
  4. never compromise the PSU when building a system. you shouldve went with a trusted name, i.e. enermax,ocz,gigabyte,corsair.
  5. Nothing wrong with the Antec, but it is the PSU for my other system. The one I DO use for some gaming and stuff. I only used it to test this system.

    And yeah, I've learned a lesson about using cheap PSU's. It's just that the stats on the box (if they had been accurate) should have been way more than enough for this machine. It's some serious false advertising. I've submitted for an RMA from this company who is selling these pieces of crap.

    Will buy a decent PSU from a known Company this time.

    Thanks guys.
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