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hey guys, my hard drive just crapped out on me. all of the sudden it told me that i need to reformat it inorder to read. it has alot of data in the it (1tb) and i want to recover it. i rebooted into win7 and it ran something wield automaticly that seemed to erase all the data i wanted and left some old files that was deleted a few weeks ago. i can know read the hard drive, but the data i had on there is gone. I am running spinrite to see if it can recover some of the data. is that a good idea?? it estmated to be 4 full days before its done even on an i7 with 6GB ram. should i just let it run or should i get some other software that does data recovery??
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  1. Spinrite won't be of much help in this case. Spinrite works best when data is not accessible due to either track misalignment (which occurs after a while due to heat among other reasons) or the presence of bad sectors (which spinrite can often recover). Your data loss wasn't caused by either of these reasons because of this Spinrite won't help but it shouldn't hurt anything to run it.

    You would be better off using some software data recovery such as Ontrack Easy Data Recovery or any other good data recovery program.

    Also, something that might help is EaseUS partition Master. Check them out (google it)

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