8800 gt sli low minimum FPS, preformance question

Hi. Im new 2 this forum so I might have messed something up. Anyway, I recently bought new system with 2x EVGA 8800gt SC and im getting strangely low minimum fps in some games(if not all).
Im using Vista Ultimate x64 and 175.16 drivers with enabled SLI and the SLI indicator is there in the games if i turn it on.
In CoH v1.7(v1.2 had a SLI preformance fix) performance test at 1280x1024, 4xAA , everything on max, I get:
Average Frame rate: 71
Maximum Frame rate: 128.8
Minimum Frame rate: 17.9
Minimum 17.9 - is that normal? Also some shadows in cut scenes in game look very ugly and if I alt-tab out and back into the game some textures flicker and they stop if I scroll away and back.
In Crysis v1.2 when I play on High settings and 1280x1024 no AA I sometimes get 15 FPS or less and sometimes 60. I get around 25 or less in jungle in firefight. Id say I average 20-35. Seen ppl say they average 50FPS on those settings. FPS dont change much if I put 4x AA on. Also in cut scenes shadows look funny on ppls faces and theres some weird light effects. Its the same in XP 32bit.
3DMark06 gives me 14k on default settings after changing some driver options 2 improve the score.
And I saw ppl get 17-18k (I know it could be my non-overclocked CPU)
What im asking is if this low minimum FPS and the weird shadows and flickering and results are normal? And if not is there anything I can do to fix it?
This is my system I got everything on factory clocks cuz of warranty:

ASUS P5N-T Deluxe (780i SLI)
Intel Core2Duo E8400 Tray
Scythe MUGEN (CPU Cooler)
Corsair Dominator 4096MB 1066Mhz KIT TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF
EVGA GeForce 8800GT 512MB SC = X2 (SLI)
Samsung F1 750GB 32MB SATA2
Pioneer DVR-215DBK DVD-RW 20X SATA2
NZXT Tempest
Corsair 650W

Thank u for your the help guyz.
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  1. Well I have not used the WHQL 175.16 drivers myself, but I did some quick testing of the betas with my 9600GT and concluded that they are total crap (for crysis) if you run in DX10. I assume you run in DX10 based on the games you listed. They perform about the same as the 175.63 drivers (bad) so I didn't add them to the charts below.

    Here are my results with a few different drivers, all betas except 174.74.


    On the flip side, they perform quite good in DX9:


    Average framerates are lower for both DX9 and DX10:



    Try out the 175.70 betas, they are the best I've used so far. Currently only available through Guru3D (they always get them before they show up on Nvidia's site).

  2. 14k is about right for your system, 3.6 on the CPU should get you 16k+ without OC'ing the graphic cards. CoH I don't play and whilst I liked Crysis I don't feel that it's coded well enough to be worthy of benchmark duty. As randomizer suggested, try playing about with different driver versions as recent 8800 support has been a bit lackluster and that's at Nvidia's own admission.
  3. Why don't the UK forums shrink the images like the US ones? I wish I'd stop getting email notifications from the UK site when I posted on the US site. My previous post is massive now :( Time for some image-clickable thumbnails :)
  4. Thx guyz for your quick reply. Ill try changing the drivers. Tho about DirectX10 I also tested Crysis on XP without DX10 and the preformance was almost the same. I also remembered that when came 2 some places my FPS dropped down to 8 and if I restarted the game, FPS would go back 2 normal(40-50 since it was a closed room). Could this be a memory issue?
    Also i got some problems changing drivers in vista. Driver cleaner would stop working after a while and wouldnt go further. I reinstalled VB6 Runtime as FAQ suggested but nothing changed.
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