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Hey Guys,

Let me explain the situation. I have 2 servers (one live and one backup) I need them both connected to an external HD I want the live server to create a daily backup and store it on the external HD and the backup server to grab the daily backup from the external HD and load it (this will be done via scripts that I will create). The problem is that the backup server can not be connected to the network as it has been configured with the same MAC address and host name (as well as other details) as the live server. Any suggestions?

I was thinking getting a harddrive enclosure with a USB and LAN interfaces and have the LAN connected the live server and the USB side connected to the backup server?

Let me just reiterate that the backup server can in no way be connected to the network.

Thanks alot for you help in advance.
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  1. yeah you need a NAS device
  2. No, you cannot connect two computers to two ports on an external drive and expect them both to control the drive. These units really are not designed to deal with clashes of use by two devices. On the other hand, you could set one up connected to only one device at a time and physically go to it and change which user cord is plugged in. But it is my understanding you want this backup-and-forward system to operate without human intervention.

    Obviously a simple NAS is not your solution because you cannot attach the backup server to the network containing the NAS. If I understand your system, the backup server is configured to be an exact clone of the live server. To use it, someone has to physically come in and disconnect the live server from your network and then connect in its place the backup server.

    I have no idea whether the components for this are necessary or whether it could work, but think about this. You need a disk backup device to which you can connect your live server via a network connection. Then you need a non-network connection system to make a connection from that device to the backup server, such that the backup server can access and download any file(s) the disk backup device has. Maybe an NAS disk backup device with a serial or USB port connection to a console that controls it? Or, a computer serving as the disk backup system, with a direct serial (or other) connection to the backup server that allows file transfers on command from the backup server unit. How about using a fast IEEE 1394 (Firewire) communication link between disk backup and backup server units?

    Not being a network administrator, I'll ask another question. For this situation in which two servers are configured exactly the same, is it sufficient to put them on separate segments of a segmented network? That is, if you had a central small computer with two LAN controllers establishing two main segments of the network, can the two servers be connected to different segments and coexist? If so, you could do that and attach an NAS to one segment, then access it from both.
  3. This might be a solution:

    Use a NAS-type external hard drive with an ethernet A-B switch between the drive and the 2 servers.
    For NAS, remote controllable ethernet A-B switches:


    Use a USB 2.0 external hard drive with a USB A-B switch between the drive and the 2 servers.
    For USB, remote controllable USB A-B switches:
    http://www.electrostandards.com/Pr [...] =10+82+390
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