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Just had to send my Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R back to mfr (RMA) for repair. One day the computer would not turn on, no post to BIOS, jeust kept restarting. No post beep whatsoever. Tried just about everything I could-moved memory around, changed mem, changed connectors, connect graphics card, etc. It has been three weeks and I am getting impatient. Can somebody with a similar situation explain why this happened? It seems like the bios just got wiped. Is this a common problem with gigabyte?
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  1. I sent in a DQ6 for the same endless power-cycle death. There's one possible solution, but it may not work for all boards. DQ6 has dual bioses and resetting in a short succession or shutting it down immediately may cause the bios to think it's a corrupt bios so that it will recover from that. It doesn't work for everyone.

    I think DS3 series is single bios so the bios may be corrupt. Gigabyte solders the bios on the board so we can't swap it out. RMA is the only solution. FWIW, DFI uses user-serviceable bios chips.
  2. Gigabyte sucks. Just got the Board back after 3 weeks. No post to Monitor. I am Furious. Spoke with gigabyte via tel con. Said I have to fill out a whole new RMA form.
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