Do most overclockers avoid the CPU fan 4-pin header?

I'm planning to build myself a new gaming system, and was wondering what the general overclocking population does with their CPU 4-pin header (on the mobo).

I'm picking up a couple of Scythe fans to slap onto a HD4870 via a Thermalright T-Rad2, and also putting an Ultra 120 Extreme with fan, on a E8500.

Since the Ultra 120 Fan does not have a 4-pin header, I'm assuming that most users connect this directly to a fan controller, or just run it full speed, connected to a molex 3 - 4 pin adaptor (straight to the PSU).

My Scythe fans will definitely go to a fan controller.

Am I correct in this assumption?
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  1. It is just preference. I usually run my fans with 4-pins, but use 3-pins to daisy-chain them (or just splice). This way, they run at full speed all the time...I don't really care about noise since they are on my game/video edit box, and I don't use it for much else.

    A lot of people like the 3-pins for exactly what you controllers. I know that some people have had issues with fans screwing up boards when connected to 3-pins, but I would think this is a rare situation, unless you have a super high flow fan that pulls a lot of power.
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