Windows installing very slow

Hi, i am having trouble installing windows xp from a usb drive on my new computer.

When i plug it in, it will copy the windows file really slowly, and i am talking 4 hours to copy all the windows file. Then when it gets to the windows screen, it will give me a message telling me to wait (I think its installing the SP). but it just seems to be stuck.

I've tried using different usb ports but it's still the same story, when i tried the usb on my laptop the speed is back to normal (15min to install windows xp)

Anyone help please :(

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  1. USB 2.0 Port?
  2. I was using a Corsair Voyager GT when the installation took ages. I switched to a run-in-the-mill verbatim USB and saw a great improvement. Still slightly slow, but installed in about 30 minutes.
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