Xfx 680i LT SLI & q8200

I just recently bought:

Corsair 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz (2x2048MB)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz 4MB 1333FSB CPU..

I run a XFX 680i LT SLI motherboard and im wanting to know what stable speeds i should be able to oc to without changing voltage and using stock cooling.. 2.33ghz is not where i want to be :D

Im think somewhere near 2.8 should be just fine. Anyone OC'ed these two together before?

Im somewhat of a noob when it comes to OC'ing. So please be a specific as possible when replying. :kaola:

What programs should i download to monitor and accomplish this OC?

I have cpu-z and nTune. also speedfan.

Any input is appreciated. thanks.
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  1. I didnt think that processor and motherboard were compatible...
  2. First,make sure you update the MB bios to the latest bios.That way you ensure compatability with that quad core.Stock cooling sucks.You'll want to get a cheap aftermarket cooler as even the cheap ones cool better than the stock coolers.You should be able to hit 2.8ghz on stock voltage and run stable,but if not,simply bump your voltage up a notch until it does run stable.This should not be much,just be careful not to exceed manufacturers max limit.Goodluck.


    C2D E8500 STOCK
    2X2GIG DDR2 1066 IN DC MODE
    EVGA GTX 260
    LG 24IN WS LCD 1920X1080
    250GIG HD/500GIG HD
  3. teamlosigp said:
    I didnt think that processor and motherboard were compatible...

    I didnt think so either..
    i read it somewhere on a forum.. so i did some research.. Hopefully this is right.

    Processors Supported: Intel Pentium 4 LGA775
    Intel Pentium D
    Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Extreme, Intel Core 2 Quad

    Sources: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3839553&CatId=2541

    I even called tigerdirect and they said it should work.. It will be delivered on the 11th so ill update you and let you know for sure.
  4. ya as far as i know the asus striker extreme is the only 680i mobo to work with 45nm procs caused they didnt use the referance nvidia board, good luck tho

  5. Thanks for all the support, but this baby is working flawlessly.. So just so u guys know, the XFX 680i LT SLI is compatible with the q8200 :sol:
  6. Just thought i would update my progress just incase someone else is searching for this information:

    CPU Clock speed: 2.8ghz
    Bus speed: 400mhz
    vCore: 1.320

    Im pretty sure my voltage is higher then needed for this overclock. but i plan on pushing it to 3.0ghz after i stress test.. Ive played cod4 for hrs with no problems so tonight i do prime and orthos. ;]
  7. Well, i finally worked my way up to 3.0ghz and i must say im very happy with this q8200.. My temps didnt even change from when it was stock. (cheap aftermarket air cooling)

    Heres my final overclock results:

    My persona ratings on the Intel Q8200

    Price: 8/10 (bought is for $130 on tigerdirect.com when it was on sale)
    Performance: 7/10 Stock - 9/10 OC'ed to 3.0ghz
    Value: 9/10
    Satisfaction: 15/10
  8. im about to buy a xfx 680i sli , but im not shure if this is fake, all over the net says that c2q 45nm is not supported by nforce 680

    can you plz take a picture with a camara? :)
  9. why would i make a fake post, ur an idiot.. no im not gonna take a pic with my cam just some u believe me. the proof is right in front of u.. noob
  10. you can allways copy/paste is very simple :P

    i have found more ppl with 680 + c2q 45nm


  11. Hey, I wanted to thank you for the info. I am thinking about purchasing a q8200 or q8300 for the same board. I also got conflicting results searching for compatibility. Upgrading from an e6750. Thanks again!
  12. No problem, i made this post for that exact reason.
  13. yep yorkfields works in some of the 680i mb but allmost every1 have unestability problems

    my sincere apologies scrap :)
  14. well mine works great.. ;]
  15. decepticon said:
    Hey, I wanted to thank you for the info. I am thinking about purchasing a q8200 or q8300 for the same board. I also got conflicting results searching for compatibility. Upgrading from an e6750. Thanks again!

    Yes!! Im in the same boat. I want to upgrade from my E6750 aswell... thinking about the Q9550. I too have read conflicting views about compatibility with me EVGA 680i SLI A1 Mobo and 45nm quads.. The above post by Luslera, scrapdizle and teamlosigp claim that it works.. so i think im going to take my chances
  16. 3GHZ should go fine with stock cooling but I would get some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste.
  17. I have an Asus Striker Extreme (NF680i) which I had a Dual Core 2.4 in before which was fine for ages. I am running the latest BIOS ?1801?

    I just bought a Q8300 and popped it in. All seemed fine, so I decided to reinstall my OS too as things were clunky. I used to use RAID for C:, so I have a spare drive sitting in the machine unused, so I swapped the cables and installed another copy of XP on that.

    All seemed fine until the other day, when under heavy load in newly written software (A game still in the process of being written) the machine hung with a blue screen (not a windows BSOD) with a message like "Hardware Error, contact vendor"

    It then started doing it more frequently. I thought maybe the OS had gotten corrupted or something in the first crash, so I switched the cables on the HDD again back to my old OS.

    Everything seemed fine, I had a good MP session of Left 4 Dead last night with no issues.

    Today I do a bunch of disk organization and finish up, I have closed all windows, so I open a My Computer window, and click on D: - it opens in a new window, which is not the way I have it set up. It then freezes and I see a flash of blue before it reboots.

    Hmm, I think, that was odd. I start up again. Open My Computer again, double click D:, it opens in a new window again and crashes again.

    WTF!? I just did 30 mins of disk organization and musta clicked D: like 10 times, now it crashes computer!?!?

    I think I may try swapping the CPU back just to be sure, does this sound like the kind of thing that would happen?
  18. its definitely not the CPU, sounds like the "old" hard drive u had "sitting" around went bad.. Just remove that HD and use the one good one for your os. Problem solved. Also, make sure that after u do this that u have your HD set to master.
  19. Nah, it wasn't the hard drive, it wasn't an "old" one, as I said, it was a matched pair to the one I was using for C:, I got two small drives at the time to do RAID, but it didn't work out, so I had it sitting in there unused from new.

    I have since sat down and had a really good play with the board, and swapped bits out to test and verify.

    The CPU is 100% fine, I think the crashes stemmed from the Asus onboard auto-overclock - it didn't up the voltages it seems and the Corsair TwinMX dominator PC8500 RAM did NOT like being run at under 2.1V for anything over regular 800 speeds.

    I did a reinstall and did it manually this time and from my experience and what I am gathering from posts, you have to be quite brutal with the voltages on this board as they are a bit low.

    I am using 1.5v vcore and 2.2v memory with a FSB of 1650 (just over 3Ghz) and it is running fine now.

    From what I understand you cant push the memory that hard on these 680i boards, and I seemed to see that. I am quite happy with the PC8500 running at rated 1066 for now with the CPU OCed a bit (~20%). I may try and push further if it stays stable, I may have to drop it down - we shall see ;)
  20. You'll have to adjust the voltages no matter what if you want a noticable overclock. You would only be able to overclokc maybe 1-200 megahertz and be able to keep voltages the same.
  21. Well I have an Asrock N7AD also, with exactly the same RAM in it, and with that, I just set it to 1066 and it sets the voltages automatically or something, cause it just works.

    Not so with the "Superior" Striker Extreme.

    In fact, the Asrock machine is WAY more stable with the same bits in it, a stock cooler, and no over-volting...
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