Rampage Formula v. P5E3 Premium

The two obvious and main differences between these two boards are (1) price (Rampage Formula retails for $289.00; P5E3 for $369.00) and (2) the RAM they take (Rampage Formula takes DDR2; P5E3 takes DDR3).

I did some rough, back of a napkin calculations, and it appears that the Rampage Formula with 4 gigs is about $200 less than the P5E3 premium with the same number of gigs. Is there any reason that it would make sense to spend the extra $200? Any at all? Future compatibility? Speed difference? Does DDR3 work better with any particular intel processors or any particular ATI/NVIDIA cards? Is DDR3 better suited for Windows 64?

As an aside, why can't I find the Rampage Formula on ASUS's website without using google? Their menu system simply won't let you get to it. Is it no longer supported?

Thanks for your responses!
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  1. Yes, there are 2:

    1) bragging rights. :)
    2) Future compatibility

    But if you're buying ddr3, you might as well wait for Nehalem.
  2. Ok, so if I don't care to brag, and I don't want to wait another 6 mos to get my build started, I should go with rampage? RAM is usually the first thing to go down in price with any new advance, so if I ever plan to do X58, I would have to buy a new cpu anyway. What's the point of buying expensive ram today just to potentially save a marginal amount during some future upgrade? I am quite confident that if I upgrade my mobo and cpu in 2-3 yrs, RAM will be among the lesser expenses.

    Am I missing anything? So I should go with Rampage Formula? Just want to make as informed a decision as I can. Thanks all!
  3. I would go with Rampage + DDR2 if I didn't plan to go Nehalem.
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