High water cooling temps, What am I doing wrong

Watercooling Loop:
Swiftech Apogee GT, Swiftech dual 120mm fan Rad, Swiftech MCP-655 Pump, OVV-V2 Video Block, OVV-W2 Reservoir

I keep my water temp at ~25
wen i have my E2180
@ 3.33ghz, 1.4 v my temps are 60load, 31idle
@ 3.50ghz, 1.5 v my load temp is 71! :ouch:
i have used both AS5 and ceramique and reseated twice each(the temps are -/+ 2-3C each time) and my cpu is lapped
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  1. are you sure you put on the proper amount of thermal grease?
  2. yep, wen i take it off there's a little bead around the edges of the cpu like 1-2mm thick
  3. thats bad, you only want a thin layer.
  4. How do you keep your water at 25C? In a WC loop it warms up at idle to an amount over room temp, that is the delta T. Then when you load the processor the water will warm up a bit more. A performance WC loop has a delta of about 5C. A average loop should never warm more than 10C over room temp.

    You have a GPU in the loop too? A MCR220 really can't hold a GPU and CPU cool, especially an overclocked one like yours.

    Sounds like you know how to put paste on you lapped the CPU before you went water and have seated enough HS on a CPU.

    Also, some chips just get really hot at 1.5, you can't help that.

    Is your loop 100% bled of all bubbles? Sure the rad is all water? How is the rad mounted and are you using case air or room air to cool the rad?

    What is a OVV- whatever. A cookie?
  5. My guesses are you either didn't bleed the air bubbles out of the loop, or the sink isn't firmly attached. Conumdrum says the cooler your using isn't strong enough to handle both a CPU and GPU, that is very possible. I'm not familiar with the setup your using, so I can't say.
  6. my rad is horizontal at the top of my case , push config, i have a drive bay cover knocked out so its half case air half room air. there is no air in my rad, the pump is fast enough air wont stay.

    my room temp is probably about 20c so say 5c over room temp, the water temp is 25 i assure you.
    when i say 70 load i mean i jumps to 70 and stays there for a while (i only had p95 on for ~30 mins)

    i just recently lapped my cpu, ive had the water loop for a while now, i lapped it to see if it would make a difference and it didnt much, is that wierd?
  7. Quote:
    there is no air in my rad, the pump is fast enough air wont stay.

    Thats probably your problem, as what you wrote isn't correct. Unless you bleed the air from your lines, there is air in your system. This causes air bubbles, which increase heat.

    Lapping only works if you have a warped sink. A slightly warped sink shouldn't be bad, as thats what TIM is for. I've never seen a sink bad enough to really need lapping.
  8. im in the same wagon ! my chip just dont want to LOAD lower thant 50-60c. im using the stock paste that came with my APOGE GT. same as you ...

    I just ordered AC thermal paste and ill lap my CPU. Ill leave you a feedback about my result.

    im using 1.4565vcore @ 3600mhz
  9. wut cpu do u have boulard83? also wut GTL Ref, PLL and VTT(FSB) voltage r u using.

    4745454b: i flip my case around and no air comes out, when a little bit of air (~5 ml) builds up it just gets shot out.
    the problem has do do with the block(apogee gt)/cpu i think (the contact i guess)

    and thanks for trying to help out everyone :hello:
  10. E6850 @ 3.6ghz cooled with Apoge GT

    CPU : 1.4565v
    1.2v HT : 1.30v
    NB : 1.45v
    SB : 1.50v
    CPU VTT : 1.30v

    Thats my spec, on asus P5N32e SLI PLUS mobo. Nforce 650 hybrid DUAL 16X

    as i told. im about to do a lapping on my CPU, ill receive my new paste on thusday. Also, im not using the plastic sleeving for the Block mounting. try to pressure mount it. and no real CPU temp benefit. still 27-30 idle and 55-60 100% ( OCCT ). when playing GT4 that is really CPU intensive, my temp are 40-48c (G15+coretemp).

    Ill leave news next week-end about my lapping+new paste.
  11. also stress test with Prime95 (P64 if on x64 win) so we are on the same field, apparently it makes cpus the hottest, its wut i use
    also wut pump and rad do u have
  12. 120x2 rad with MCP655 pumb. im all swiftech
  13. My lapping Poll

    Enjoy my result ! :D
  14. well i feel like an idiot cause my system just isnt working well, i will continue to mess around sometime later
    thanks for all your help btw :)
  15. I know you don't believe, but I'm sticking with my purge idea. I don't care how fast your pump is, if the bubble is in the system, its in the system. You said,

    when a little bit of air (~5 ml) builds up it just gets shot out.

    Shot out where? Its a closed system is it not? Air shouldn't "build up" for the same reason. The problem could be the block, there is a reason they came out with the GT block. Perhaps its not as good as others.
  16. it shoots out the rad and gos into the reservoir and stays there
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