Can I use this processor in this motherboard?

I currently have a TForce 590 SLI Deluxe in my home system. My question is can I put this processor in this motherboard?

(AMD Phenom 9850 Blk Edition)

Biostar does not list this processor as on that can be used.

Seems like AMD says it can be just pretty much dropped in with no problems.

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  1. Nope if your bios dose not support it there is high chance that it will not work with the board. You can try it it won't damage anything. Toms tried with few that didn't clame that it supported Phenom but they still worked. But you handicaping your CPU
  2. kk...wasn't 100% sure.

  3. woah woah, thats not true. It is 100% likely that if your board doesn't have the proper power management to support a 125 watt cpu it will burn out your mobo, cpu, or both. I believe the guys here did an article on the amd 780 chipset and they burned through a few board before they realize the problem.
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