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I have a Toshy laptop that is going in for extensive diags and need to use my old XP to access the net and emails. However I have tried hooking the machine into the router via cable and also tried using a dongle.
Have rest the network system and removed the old modem software - used to be dial up - set it to use the TP Link router modem. Now it shows a litt :( le green light going from the machine to the router and then starts to "dial up".
Cannot think of what on earth is going wrong - anyone got any ideas or solutions? The comp is old but has SP3 on it and was used up till about two years ago whe I stupidly went into laptops. :(
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  1. Let me see if i understand....
    You have two computers. One can connect to the router, but from some reason you cant use it and you want to use your second computer. If you didn't change your router configuration try the following.
    Go to control panel network connection, find your network card, right click properties>double click on TCP/IP 4, and make sure it on automatic settings.
    Open Internet explorer>tools>Internet options>connection>select never dial a connection. under "lan setting make sure you have nothing checked...unless you need proxy configuration with your ISP.
    Connect the network cable.
    Go to control panel network connection, find your network card (it should be connected)
    Double click go on support>details. if you see numbers like 169.x.x.x or than you don't get ip from your router. (problem can be with dhcp client on your computer as well).
    You can connect via this router with you second computer...right?
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