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Is there any difference between the Point-Of-View GF-9600GT 512mb card and the Leadtek PX9600GT 512mb card?
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  1. which would you choose and why??
  2. I'm not a huge stickler for brands on video cards. Personally I'd just buy whatever is less expensive. However, I have never heard of "Point-Of-View" before. I've owned 2 Leadtek GeForce 6800's in the past and both still function. :) So I'd personally lean that direction.

    Others may have a different opinion. :)
  3. The Point-Of-View has higher stock clocks, so I guess that would be better. I've never heard of them, but that might be a regional thing, they just might be sold in he U.S. (I don't know where you found this brand...)
  4. Well, I guess they are sold here in the U.S. I've found a model that has higher clocks than the Leadtek and one with the same. So, if the one you are looking at is the same clock as the Leadtek go with the Leadtek. If it's higher, the I guess the P.O.V. would be better...
  5. Thanks nvalhalla!!!
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