Do I need an IDE dvd drive to load an operating system?


I am planning to build a new computer. I am getting a sata hard drive and a ASUS SATA 20X DVD±R DVD Burner At newegg, someone mentioned that you need an IDE dvd drive to install an operating system because sata dvd drives are not recognized from the start. Is it true? Should I just get an IDE drive then?
Thank you for any suggestions.
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  1. good question. i know that for hard drives and windows xp you do need either the floppy with the sata drivers or you would need to slipstream those drivers into a disk.

    but i don't that optical drives use drivers, since i never upgraded them. i think that in this case it's just the connection to the motherboard and it doesn't require it. IMO. i could be wrong
  2. Don't buy the ASUS drive. Get a Samsung. I have both. You won't be sorry. I built a box last year and another this year and loaded drivers thru a floppy drive. No problem once you visit the MB webpage and get the right driver. You can always remove the floppy later but I recommend you keep it.
  3. Is it true? Should I just get an IDE drive then?

    No you do not
    I did not need also
    I just installed 1HDD first WD Raptor 150GB
    And in Bios there is a setting to set Hard Disk
    I selected to be recognized as IDE
    Went to boot optiond and fund it there
    Installed OS
  4. I have two computers using the same ASUS SATA drives as you listed, the DRW-2014L1T, and both computers work very well using them. I have one of the drives on one computer which uses XP64 Pro and two of them installed on my latest build. I did this last build about two months ago, installing Vista 64 with SP1 using the ASUS SATA drive and it went without any problem whatsoever. I did designate the ASUS drive as the primary drive in the BIOS while doing the load and then I designated the hard drive as the primary drive after the OS was installed. I have had no driver problems at all, and there is no floppy drive with the latest computer, so obviously a floppy drive is not needed.

    As for someone commenting at Newegg that and IDE drive was needed to install the OS because SATA DVD drives are not recognized from the start, he's wrong. I know, because the drive was immediately recognized by both of my computers, one while installing XP64 and the other while installing Vista 64, and they both loaded the OS without any problem or need of a floppy drive at any time.
  5. Well, since both those replies were posted in the time it took me to log in, I'll just agree with Sailer and Kad. I just installed XP onto a Sata drive that was immediately recognized by the system. RAID array's are a different story (I think...I'm not entirely qualified to answer that question) but by the sounds of it you aren't going that route, so it's fine.
  6. Just finished building a computer and used an SATA DVD player to install XP and Vista on a partitioned hard drive for dual booting - worked just fine. You don't need IDE.

    BTW, I second the Samsung 20X SATA DVD burner recommendation - that's what I used and it's an excellent drive. Very quiet and speedy. Much superior to the last lite on I used.
  7. Have dual boot (XP pro / Vista32), Both installs were completed using plextor Sata DVD drive, I did need the floppy to load the Raid drivers as my 4 HHDs are set up as 2 pairs of Raid 0 drives. So as others have said - No problem
  8. Thank you guys! you helped me avoid one less purchase. I will be using xp pro 32 bit but I think it should be ok.
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