LG USB- deleted autorun?

I just recently bought a new LG usb flash drive.. it was working fine, but not at school.. most computers at my school has very secure and restrictive system.. and it turns out the LG flash drives would try and install it's own driver.. apparently the school updated their antivirus and "cleaned" my USB and deleted some autorun files.. in this folder called "cold"

Now the USB won't start (This little red light on it won't even blink) and yeah.. been trying to work it but not even my wii could recognize it (I watch my weekly dose of movies using my wii)
Help, I have an assignment due tomorrow :??:
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  1. Can You actually get into your USB device on your/any computer. Like does it show up as a storage device on your computer?
  2. No, sadly, the usb has stopped working completely after that folder got deleted.. on ANY computer or ANY device.. I might just double check to make sure it's not a software malfunction before opening it up the chip just came undone and I'll re-solder it coz there's a few important files...
  3. What happens when you plug the device into the computer? Does the computer show the device has been plugged in?
  4. Nope, nothing happens, doesn't even show at the disk management
  5. Its bricked, It's dead, anyway to revive this little bugger? D:
  6. I'm in the same situation you are my friend. I think the best bet is to take it to someone if you really need the files on it. Check out my problem I'm having its the post directly below yours under Forum>Storage>Flash Media
  7. Kabby said:
    Well, after I'm 100% sure that there's no more hope, I'll just take the chip out and solder it into some other USB drive.. hope it doesn't come to that however :cry:

    Is it pretty easy to solder the chips like that? And is it something that takes alot of practice to get right? Cause maybe I could do that with mine but I don't want to have all the data I need lost
  8. I'm a risk taker.. so if there's no other way.. why not?
  9. opened it up, theres nohing wrong with it.. so must be a software problem
  10. LG has made a big mistake by fixing this autorun *** into their latest external HHD. I recently purchased one and a program i use to manage my external USB devices saw it as a virus and mistakenly deleted it. since then i have been fighting for solution but all to no avail. I saved all that i have worked for as a programmer before resigning from my previous place of work. Please can any one help me with the solution here? my email add is emmiechuxy@gmail.com.
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