What is gigabyte crazy cool?


I have purchased a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme and have looked at compatability for my mobo (P35-DS4 rev2 2.1)) on the website and it says to install I have to remove the 'Gigabyte crazy cool'. Can anybody tell me what this is and is it a big job?

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  1. It's the heatsinks (back of board) around the CPU. Imo, by just looking at it it doesn't look like it has one to be removed.
  2. Gigabyte crazy cool is the name of the backplate on the backsound of the motherboard surrounding the CPU. I have that same CPU cooler and it is superb. You will have to remove your motherboard from your Computer, and will have to reemove the CPU cooler currently installed. Then turn the board over, remove the current backplate (the crazy cool), then install the backplate provided with your Ultra 120, cleaan the CPU surface, reinstall new thermal material, and then bolt the Ultra 120 down. Good luck.
  3. I have the X48-DQ6, I had to remove the "crazy cool" to use an aftermarket heatsink backplate.

    If you are attaching the Ultra using the normal retention system i think you should be able to leave the crazy cool on there. Should you need to remove it, no worries, its simple.
  4. Right, the crazy cool needs to be removed for the backplate to fit. You will understand when you install it, it's pretty self-explanatory.

    I don't see the crazy cool on the P35-DS4. I suspect it's only on the DQ6.

  5. Thnanks guys,

    I think Zorg may be right and my mobo does not have the 'Crazy cool' backplate thought Gigabyte and Thermaltake website say i do :ange: If you look at this it almost suggests that the whole heatpipe solution has to be removed!? :o

    I managed to peak under my mobo (still in case) and cannot see the plate so I think I should be okay, thanks for the help guys i really hope this Ultra 120 extreme delivers :)
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