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System does not boot with new video card

March 7, 2013 12:46:44 AM

Hi guys,

Just new in this forum so i'm not sure if i'm in the right section. Anyway, I've got a samsung magicstation BZ48 system unit. Seems to be like a Chinese brand since it's got some Chinese stickers and you can't find drivers online or even in the Samsung site. Not sure though, maybe the unit is just to old or something. Here's the current situation. It's a low-profile 8300gs which most likely looks like it came with the unit. The display is messed up but still boots up to the desktop then hangs after a few seconds. I tried the video card on a different unit and it's did the same thing. So there's definitely a problem with a video card. My real problem now is i was planning to get a video card but before that i wanted to make sure that the pci-e slot works fine to. so i tested it out with my powercolor hd 5670 and using my old generic 350w powersupply which i used before to power up the 5670 cause the unit does not boot with its own power supply which is 240w. so i thought the ps isn't enough and used the 350w. but it doesn't boot either. i dont think its the slot since it still boots with the original video card. could it be that it only accepts low profile?

I've been searching the net for a solution but i mostly find the solution about insufficient power for the video card but i don't think thats the case since i used a different one that i know would work.

The motherboard btw is a pegasus-30. Couldn't find info on it either.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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